Friday, February 25, 2011

Mommy & Me

Mark your calendars for Um Faisal's first business venture, the Mommy & Me exhibition coming on Feb 27 and 28th at the Al Noor Hall in Madinat Qaboos.

Mommy & Me is an upscale Mother and Child exhibition, bringing together amazing shopping and expert advice from over a hundred names in the baby and family business all under one roof. From large corporates to small businesses, the goal is to gather an unparalleled group of products and services that will cater to the needs of families in Oman.

Whether you are parents of little ones, parents-to-be or have children in your lives, Mommy & Me will have something for you.

Mommy & Me isn't just shopping. It’s also about sharing information and resources. There's non-profit zone where important support groups and organisations for children and their families will be present to share their knowledge.

Mommy & Me is an event for the entire family. There will be a variety of entertainment and food on offer, making Mommy & Me a fun day out for everyone.

Along with shopping and entertainment, there are seminars on both days of the event. (Advance registration is required for all seminars.) Seminar schedule: here.

For details please check the Mommy & Me website:

Interact on the Mommy & Me Facebook page and see the special offers by exhibitors.

Also, follow Mommy & Me on Twitter: @MommyandMeOman