Monday, April 13, 2009

Say No To Plastic Bags

Not even 100 meters from my house
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Amber said...

ewwww..."No to plastic bags!" as well as "No to litterbugs!"

L_Oman said...

Sad, Sad, Sad! By the way, at the beginning of the ESO campaign I met one of the greatest ladies representing the society at Carrefour. Whomever she was, wow! That was the first time in a long time I met such a smart cookie! :)

farkknight said...

That ain't that much of a plastic problem as a problem of lets-just-throw-it-here-who'll-see-because-we're-too-lazy-ass-to-find-a-bin.

But thankfully such sights are getting rarer. Wait till someone starts developing on that site, As soon as the plot owner gets his/her finances straight, During recession, With no large loans forthcoming, And low interest rates.Then it'll get cleared.

Hopefully! :)


Kishor Cariappa said...

Even in supermarkets, ‘say no to plastic’ hype is gone. I don’t see customers coming back with their jute bags nor guys at counter marketing the jute bags. The use of plastic goes unabated. Like you said earlier, Lulu version of jute bags sucks.

Queen said...

that's very sad!

ynotoman said...

readers might also be interested in seeing what happens to the junk at sea
Highlighting how the junk at sea collects =
Looking at what happens when the junk is at sea – look at how much one sea bird ate =
It not a question of cleaning up the mess once its there – or expecting commercial organisations to “do their bit” it’s more important to stop it being produced

Amber said...

I'm sorry...I'm about to have some haters...

I really feel like our society has totally turned from the idea of personal responsibility to a blame society. I mean, how backwards are we? We target the plastic bag makers and not the people who use them and throw them down? Sure we can stop making plastic bags...and diapers...and wrappers of any kind. and eventually we can have nothing whatsoever to trash! But we all know that isn't quite so..people would still find ways to trash things. Those dang jute bags will be there instead. Rather than blaming the things we use, we need to start blaming the people who use them.

This "blame others for my mistakes" attitude is exactly why I stopped teaching. NO PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ONES OWN ACTIONS.

I'm no fan of the plastic bag, and don't misinterpret what I am saying. I just have really strong feelings about this kind of misplacement of blame. Grocery stores have to send their products home in something...and that is where they send them...home...they don't throw them out there...people do.

And you know...these things can be recycled. I used to put plastic bags in the recycle bin all the time. I also keep them and use them for various things - over and over and over again.

And what exactly ARE carrefour bags made out of? Nylon? I'm not sure. What happens when someone decides to throw that out to sea? And how long does it take to decompose the jute bags? In the meantime what happens when an animal gets caught in that from someone throwing it on the ground? Where do we stop the vicious circle of blame and start really taking responsibility?

I understand there isn't much that people can do about others choices...but please spare me the rhetoric of shutting down production of plastic bags...what about all of those peoples jobs? You gonna cry about the loss of jobs next? Just stop using the plastic...carry a few extra bags around with you and give one to the person in front of you who didn't bring their own as a gift to inspire them NOT to use the plastic. Give them as presents to friends and family. Heck, go purchase a ton and start handing them out at the checkout stands... use them as the gift bag at your next birthday part and put a nice bow on it...oh wait! Don't do that. I'm pretty sure those bows are made out of plastic and might not decompose before strangling that whale's tonsil chord who swallowed it. So skip the bow...

People need to be more aware of the damage they are doing by the placement of such keep up the campaigns regarding them and place more focus on personal responsibility.

I forgot to bring my bags to al fair the other day...but I didn't have a choice...I had to purchase groceries. I saved those plastic bags and will be using them for various things and then cutting them up before throwing them in the trash. Am I evil? Bwahahahahhahaaaaaaaaa! And what should they have put my bread in? Cloth? Honestly, I think that next time I forget my bags I will ask them to just put the groceries in the cart without bags...but any suggestions about things like bread and fruits and vegetables? I'm open to your thoughts.

Sheesh...I should have posted this seperately on my blog. woops!

muscati said...

Amber, the problem with plastic bags is way too big to put just blame it on people who don't dispose of them properly. They are far too dangerous and cause way too much damage to have an attitude like yours. No one's blaming the corporations and no one's blame the manufacturers. It's the product itself. They need to be regulated just like all other harmful products are regulated.

It's like saying "guns don't call people, people do". Does that mean gun sales shouldn't be regulated? Alcohol doesn't cause people to drink and drive, it's the people who drink and then drive who are dangerous. True, right?

These plastic bags, they destroy the environment. They kill thousands of animals every year. They don't biodegrade. Even when people want to use them in a safe manner, they are so flimsy and thin that the often tear in the garbage bins and fly away.

So why not regulate them? Why not put a fee on them, enforce laws where they have to be made from sturdier material and then taxed. If people pay 50 or 100 baisas for each plastic bag they get while shopping, they will start reusing them. If plastic bags weren't free, kids won't be throwing them on the street. If plastic bags weren't free they wouldn't everywhere. Carrefour's reusable bag is made from nylon or some sort of plastic. But it costs 250 baisas and not many people would buy one and then dispose of it the way people dispose of the thin plastic bags.

Europe regulates plastic bags. Some countries in Africa have banned them outright.

Reusable plastic bags are a legitimate option, and now all the major supermarkets are selling them so there's no excuse really for people who continue to use plastic bags.

I would like Oman to start a phased plan, first step enforce that all plastic bags should be biodegradable, immediately after that put a tax on plastic bags so that even shops that don't plan to sell them will have to charge for them, final phase in a few years: outright ban of the thin bags like the kind supermarkets currently give away.

PS. posted this also on ur blog.

Amber said...

regulation is a great idea!

Muscati, I'm on your side.

I'm open to regulation, I'm even open to banning the plastic, but what I am not open to is people not taking responsibility. That was my main point. We can totally switch to the green bags, but people are still going to litter. And I think that is awful.

I didn't say that personal responsibility was the ONLY answer. I was pointing out that it plays a significant part in all of this and is often overlooked.

If you think my attitude is bad, I'm sorry. I'm not really sure what to do about that, except to say that my attitude is probably the least harmful of all...I believe in doing what is right and taking care of my trash properly.

SAYEN said...

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viaam said...

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Anita said...

I support the advocate of reusing or recycling plastics. If you still have plastics with you, then you can reuse them. Don't throw them because they have negative effect to our environment. It's better if you use biodegradable plastic bags since these kinds of plastic bags save you money and save our environment as well.

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