Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Muscatis Blog Fifth Anniversary

My first post on this blog was March 30th, 2004, the day I finished the course work for the MSc in Business Information Technology Systems (BITS) at the University of Strathclyde Business School in Glasgow. It was going to be a diary as I search for a dissertation topic, find an supervisor and complete my MSc. It didn't work out that way. I didn't post again on the blog except one time on June 19th. Finally on July 29th, 2004 the blog was reborn as a shared blog between the two of us and it took off from there.

It's like March 30th was the malka and the wedding itself didn't take place till July 29th, so which of the two dates should be the anniversary? If you ask Um Faisal, I bet she'll say it's the latter :)

5 years of blogging. Wow.


sabihkhan said...

Congratulations Muscati! Wish you more years of success with this blog

Ian said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I'm pleased right now because mine has just reached No.1 in the World Top Blogs rankings.

Meteor said...

hey Congratssss

it's not only the period that your blog completed alive but the pointful variated content and regular updates which built this success so wish your blog more success
and keep the good work up

A. Woman in black said...

Here's to many more :-)


Muscato said...

Congratulations! The Muscatis has an important place in Oman's anglo-blogosphere - a serious local voice, more measured (at times) than the Dragon, infinitely less angry than Angry, a nice complement to Suburban's take on local (expat) family life, equally a complement to Kishor's (expat) take on public life, and, of course, both more locally focused and hugely less frivolous than the Café.

Keep the posts coming!

(And an overdue semi-apology for sort-of coopting your ID - I chose o-ending Muscato just too soon to realize that there was already so well-established an i-ending Muscati. Fortunately, I think few would confuse us!)

Blue Chi said...


Amjad said...

Congrats, and very well done! :)

Undercover Dragon said...

Well done Muscati.

Good to see you easing back into the blogging too...

sbtm said...


Your posts certainly makes one take a step back and think!

kvk007 said...

Good job for keeping a great blog.

The Linoleum Surfer said...

Here's a spooky thing: The anniversary of your blog is also the anniversary of the writer of another blog. Who was a person instrumental in arranging for you and Mrs Muscati to go to Glasgow.

It's fate, my friend...;)

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