Saturday, January 17, 2009

Temp this morning

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Kishor Cariappa said...

Post-rains the chill got worse.

Amjad said...

10,000+ KM on your new car already ?

muscati said...

Amjad, well I got it in the first week of September so its now four and a half months. Works out to be about 2.2K km a month. Not bad actually. I used to drive around 3000km a month in my previous car. At this pace it will be around 27 or 28K km a year. Isn't that acceptable? I hear ppl say that 25 to 30,000km is average use for a car for a year here in Oman.

What's great is that I get about 630km from a full tank of gas.

Amjad said...

Hmmm.. 27 ~ 28K a year. When you put it like that I think it sounds reasonable.

At some point, my sister used to do 1000KM on her car on a weekly basis. With Toyota, that's crazy since you have to take your car to service every 5000KM. She took her car for service almost every single month.

How often do you have to take your BMW to service?

muscati said...

The service is supposed to be every 10,000km, but actually the onboard computer decides when its time for service depending on your driving. My first service was 2 weeks ago when the car was at 8,900km.

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