Thursday, January 08, 2009

No To Plastic Bags

Jan 8th is Oman Environment Day. The Envrionment Society of Oman (ESO) is launching a 6 month anti plastic bag campaign.

I am at Safeer Hypermarket in Athaiba handing out reusable shopping bags, talking to shoppers and filling questionnaires.

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Lost in thought said...

Hmm.. Great !!
6 months ? Thats a long campaign !!

Amjad said...

Very well done ESO.

Balqis said...

Was at lulu ghubra today
Huge campaign
They're ending pb and distributing for free the reusable
The ladies of the questionnarie said since tomorrow they will cost 400 baisas, lulu lady said 500
It will take lil bit to get used to it, but is for a good cause

Undercover Dragon said...

great campaign Muscat.

the bags are really good too - not total crap as i cynically might have expected. I bought 5 and will use them.

Anonymous said...

I know in parts of Europe you pay a small fee for each plastic bag used. I.E. Plastic bags are there if you want them, but each one costs you something like 10 cents. Could something like that be implemented here, so like each bag costs you, I dunno, 25 baiza? 50 baiza?

I think it would definitely have an effect. I admit I'm a bit lazy, the reason I don't have a reusable bag is because I know I wont remember to take it out when shopping (and often I go shopping spontaneously). If I knew I had to pay for the plastic bags, I'd be more mindful. I'm sure many people would be the same.

I'm sure this idea has been thought of many times before but I haven't seen it implemented in Oman, I think it would work (with much moaning).

Balqis said...

That's the point
We must be given a choice

muscati said...

Oman's government still hasn't taken the step of banning plastic bags, or at least taxing them. There are many countries that have totally banned plastic bags and in Europe they are taxed which is why you have to buy them at the supermarket. It is surprising that some of the countries that have totally banned plastic bags outright aren't so-called developed or first world countries, but developing "third world" countries, such as Bhutan and Zanzibar.

I read the other day that Oman has banned the manufacture of the very thin plastic bags like the ones given at the supermarket, but I am not sure if this is true. We interact a lot with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, and this was the first time I heard of it. If this is true it would be really good news. If the government bans the making and importing of the very thin bags, the only disposable option to supermarkets will be the thicker bags, and those cost more so they will sell them instead of give them away for free. It should make people think before they buy.

The point of our No to Plastic Bags campaign is to educate people of the dangers that plastic bags pose to the environment and to wildlife, and to inform them that there is an option. They can use reusable cloth bags or jute bags. Worst case, if all else fails why not bring back the bags you took the last time you went shopping and use them again. And if you are only buying a few items why not just carry them in your hand instead of using a plastic bag?

Meteor said...

nice campaign!!
but i think there should be more more education on this issue before banning the PBs coz i know then people will start criticising the government as they don't understand the purpose behind this ban, from my surroundings i can see that there are a lot who are not aware of the danger of PBs, even in the university where people are considerd to be educated and even if they know they don't care or just can't take the action of taking the reusable wherever they go

but when doing house shopping how many reusables should we take, coz we take lots of PBs, more that ten ;$

i've been always concerned with enviromental issues
just want to ask about the activities of ESO, are participated? thinking to join if possible

Noor said...

This is a really good step towards saving our environment, I've seen loads of posters for it in malls.

However, what's the alternative to using plastic bags? Does the government offer recycling? No. So how do we dispose of our garbage? Where do we put it?
They should seriously put more effort into introducing recycling to communities if they wanted people to stop using plastic bags. We'd stop getting plastic bags from super markets, get those re-usable bags they're selling to put our purchases in, and then where will we put our garbage?
Buy those black bags? They do even more harm to the environment than those light plastic bags we use.

It's just frustrating, I've been searching on how to dispose of garbage not using plastic bags but so far haven't succeeded, do you have any idea? I'm doing this for a school research (manhaj el ba7ath if u've heard of it, and i really want to get something useful to do).

I've also tried contacting the ESO a few times but got no response. There should be other Environmental orgs here.

Koby said...

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