Sunday, December 21, 2008

That tag

Seems like every blog I go to these days has the same tag going on, the one about "5 things people don't know about you." I'm not going to repeat that here, not that anyone's tagged me to in the first place. However, for the sake of keeping up the post count on this blog, I guide your attention to the following posts from way back in March 2005:

Muscati's Confessions (AKA 44 things about about me)
Less than 100 things about me (AKA UmFaisal's 45 back when she went by the nick OceanDream)

Remember those days, back when this was actually a blog where both of us used to post? Good times...


Amjad said...

I'm sure that I read the Muscati's Confessions before, but I still checked the post again.

26. I cried when Oman's basic law (our constitution) was announced.

Seriously? .. why? lol

muscati said...

I was probably not alone. For the first time as Omanis we had a document stating our basic rights. It was Oman's constitution.

But as I wrote in no. 27, it turned out to be just for show.

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