Friday, December 19, 2008


I've bitched and whined for years demanding a two day weekend for the private sector. When it finally happened for banks six months ago the transition wasn't very smooth. At work, it was an effort to get people to finish the same amount of work in 5 days. We had a tough time getting through to people, and I still know people who go to work on Saturdays because they can't get their work done. And on the home front, it's still a struggle because I have no idea what to do with my Saturdays since I'm the only in the household with the day off.

It's Friday night. I'm sitting in bed typing in the dark because I've spent the past hour and a half trying to get my son to sleep because he has school tomorrow. And although Saturday is now part of my weekend, I'll have to wake up at 6.15am in the morning to wake him up and then once he's ready I'll have to drive him to his school drop-off where we wait for my sister's kids to pick him up to go with them. By then its 7.20am and I have no idea what to do next. Can't rush home and get in bed again. It's too early to go for breakfast and all my friends are either on their way to work or still sleeping. I can't go grocery shopping. I tried it once but apparently Carrefour doesn't open till 9. I went to Lulu once but the shelves were still being restocked from Friday's shopping mayhem.

(My wife having just read this would like me to add that I only started taking Faisal in the morning since she gave birth and before that she was the one doing the morning school run which allowed me to sleep in on Saturdays. I'd like to clarify that I believe that the morning school thing has now become my duty and will remain so even after she gets back to work after maternity leave).

Saturdays have been a whole lot more tolerable since Um Faisal is home on maternity leave. But that will soon come to an end. In fact, they've already asked her if she can cut her maternity leave short and come back to work a month early.

What we need is for the whole country to be on a Friday/Saturday weekend. Wasn't this supposedly how it was supposed to happen, that first the banks will switch and then the government will follow? It was assumed that the announcement would be made in August before the start of the school year. When that didn't happen, people said it will come before the second semester. Well it's almost the end of December and nothing's been announced yet.

Does anyone know if this going to happen?


Jet Driver said...


"Wasn't this supposedly how it was supposed to happen, that first the banks will switch and then the government will follow?"

That is still apparently the plan but it would appear that no one has a clue when it is going to go ahead.
We were told (government dept) that the change was going to happen after Eid, but we're still waiting.

My guess is, like everything, it will just be announced the day before :)


Kay said...

The weather is nice and chilly, maybe a morning jog or walk after dropping off your son at school?

TI3GIB said...

Let me ask you this. Is your entire mp3 collection properly ID3 tagged with artist, title, album and album art ?

I know mine isn't yet, I could send you a 100 megs worth of mp3s every slumberday ?

p.s. I know this isn't helping. Best Of Luck.

Amjad said...

Check this out.

SiAwang said...

Hey there.. We're sort of in the same boat as you are right now. In Brunei, the weekends are Sat/Sun for the public sectors, including banks. But for the gov departments and schools, their weekends are Fri/Sun. On Sats, Im left to my own devices. So I know the feeling. What I do is go for a jog or hill trekking or hit the gym. But one thing I like about being 'alone' on saturdays is I get my 'own' free time for a few hours and do my own things. I know that sounds selfish of me but having a hectic and stressful week of work, it helps to destress myself. Good luck!

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