Friday, December 26, 2008

Omani brands

1. Bad branding

Oman Mobile has one of the ugliest logos ever and I can't wait till they get rid of it in 2009. I've been an Oman Mobile user since GSM first started in Oman back when they were GTO. As superficial as it is, if seriously think that if I was new in Oman now, I'd probably Nawras because of their better branding.

Another Omani company whose branding I don't like is Al Maha. Their logo is not bad, but the branding itself, the look and feel of their petrol stations, is a big turn off. In fact, I don't think I've filled in an Al Maha station in the past ten years. Earlier this decade they've refreshed their brand, but they didn't go far enough.

Q: Can bad branding turn you off a brand?

Andy Warhol Omani style

2. The cover story on this month's issue of BusinessToday is the Best Brands Survey Oman 2008. The survey's participants named the following as the top brands in Oman:


However, when asked to name the top Omani brands the top five were:

Oman Cables
Chips Oman
Al Mudhish

How can BankMuscat and Nawras be named among the top 5 brands in Oman but not the top 5 Omani brands? The magazines explanation is: "
It appears that people have a better memory for products they use in their daily lives than for banks or airlines." Who are these people they interviewed and how come Oman Cables is a product they might use on a daily basis?

Q: What do you consider to be the top Omani brands?


Amjad said...

1. Raha
2. Al Mudhish
3. BankMuscat

Al Mudhish's milk powder is people's favorite in Sudan. It's very popular there.

3anooda said...

i know why - these are the brands that advertise during ramadhan. u know those annoying adds that come between the shows??? kabilat 3man are there. for the past 15 years or something

muscati said...

I think that when people are asked which are the top brands in Oman, the think of the brands with the biggest presence, the ones that advertise the most, or with the most recognizable logos. But when they are asked what are the top Omani brands, they think of the Omani brands which they perceive to have the highest quality. That's why Amouage is number one. I doubt that the majority of the people who chose it as number one use it themselves. It's an expensive perfume. But the fact that it is an Omani perfume which is sold internationally makes them believe it must be a good product and hence they place it so highly.

Very few people consider Oman Air as a mark of quality so it was chosen as a top Omani brand. Similarly, while BankMuscat was the top Omani brand in the main list, fact is most people hate their banks and hence it wasn't in the Omani list.

Jet Driver said...

Amouage have done a fantastic job on their branding and image.

The new store design in Muscat City Centre is beautiful.


NaBHaN said...

I definitely think that Omanoil is one of the best brands in the country, they're consistent with their theme and actually follow their brand guidelines, which is something I can't really say for other companies here. They have spent nearly 2 million on their brand after all so it's good to see them taking care of it.

Bank Muscat is right up there as well.

muscati said...

I really like Omanoil's marketing as well. I fill my car almost exclusively at their stations, though that has also to do with the fact that they accept credit cards. But what are they doing with the new branding of the Quick Shops. They are no rebranding as Ahlein (a smart idea), but the color theme is orange and black which doesn't fit at all with Omanoil's branding.

NaBHaN said...

I completely agree with the new ahlain brand, apparently it was developed by a British company so god knows what they were thinking, but yeah I too felt that it did not go at all with the Omanoil brand.

anap_ilmi said...

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Hatem said...

I think Amouage is a great brand. It's stylish and the shops' atmosphere is pleasant. When you think of regional perfumes many people think of Amouage which in essence is what branding is all about associating the product with a good image that lasts in peoples' minds and gives them a good experience. Many people love chips Oman because it has gained it's popularity however apart from that it has not got a strong branding strategy.

Anonymous said...

On the topic of godawful logos... Muscat Sports? Can't stand it.

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