Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Of shopping malls and diaper changing rooms

When we were at Qurum City Center during the eid holiday my wife went to the changing room to change our baby’s diaper while I went to browse magazines at Borders. Two minutes later my wife called me to come quickly. Turns out that men keep opening the door to come into the room thinking it is a bathroom. The changing room is located right in between the ladies and gents toilets. It has a large baby sign on the door so there's no way to confuse it with the men's room, but it does have a toilet in it so I bet a lot of people do come in to use it for that. I had to stand outside guarding the door till she was done.

A couple days earlier at Muscat City Center, the wife went to the changing room and it was locked. She thought it was occupied when all of a sudden the cleaning lady came and unlocked the door for her. She told her that too many people come to use the toilet in the changing room and make a huge mess out of it so the management decided to keep the room locked until its needed.

Why not just have a changing room with a changing table, sink and no toilet?

Bareeq Al Shatti has a changing room which is basically just a toilet. It doesn't even have a diaper changing table. My wife had to go to the ladies toilet and change her on the counter between two sinks. Good thing she carries one of those folding changing mats in the baby's diaper bag.

(Can you tell we went out a lot during that 6 day holiday?!)