Monday, December 22, 2008

CCC now smoke free

I have to admit that I am not a frequent visitor to the CCC shopping center in Qurum. It must have been three months since I last been there. I stopped there today in a rush to buy some baby formula from Al Fair and found these banners everywhere declaring that they are now a smoke free shopping center. As they say in "Times of Oman"-ese: Kudos to them, and hopefully other shopping centers and malls will follow.

My son used to really love that small play area in the CCC and we took him there regularly when he was younger. Unfortunately, the play area is surrounded by small coffeeshops and by night time all of them would be full of smokers. It's great that the CCC management/owners voluntarily chose to become smoke free.

I remember 4 years ago I tried to start an email campaign to get people to write to Muscat City Center to ban smoking. At that time I received an email reply from the mall's general manager, Mr. Ibrahim Al Qasmi, telling me that they more than comply with all government regulations and that Muscat Municipality was planning to ban smoking indoors in all of Muscat by September 2006, to which MCC will gladly comply. Well Muscat Municipality never banned smoking, and now we have two City Centers, Seeb and Qurum both of which allow smoking. I emailed Mr. Al Qasmi again tonight to ask him if there's any chance City Center might voluntarily ban smoking. I'll let you know how he replies. If anyone's interested in emailing him his email is: (this is not private, it was posted on Oman Forum at that time when we tried to do the email petition thing).


Muscato said...

Isn't it wonderful?

I've noticed a side benefit of banning smoking that's already apparent at CCC: with less to do in terms of cleaning up after smokers, it seems like janitorial staff actually spend more time cleaning - in CCC's case, the place, at least for the moment, is sparkling.

The same ban is way overdue for the City Centres, which at peak times can feel like vast ashtrays...

Amjad said...

Great move by CCC. I hope other major malls like MCC will follow very soon.

Just yesterday I was talking to my sister-in-law about how our malls in Oman aren't smoke-free. She grew up in Saudi Arabia and told me that most of the malls there are smoke-free. And of course, all the malls in the US are smoke-free. I really hope other malls in Oman will follow this step.

Arabian Princess said...

you beated me to this thread.. I saw the banner few months back and took a pic of it and thought I would post it soon to my blog .. anyway I am glad the message is spreading and I really hope they wouldn't regret this move.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for smoke-free malls. I think people have the right to spend their time out without having to worry about getting lung-cancer, so I support this.

Having said that, I do believe there should be smokers areas in malls and restaurants. I'm not a smoker and I don't believe in smoking, but smokers have rights, and I don't see it as my place to force my lifestyle upon them. I would support designated areas for smokers to be able to light up in malls and restaurants (provided they are actually enclosed areas so the smoke doesnt just drift out of them.

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