Sunday, September 28, 2008

One big parking lot

View from my office at 2.15pm today. I never seen traffic so bad before in the CBD. It was like this from around 1.45 till 3. It was like the CBD turned into one big parking lot.

This morning my commute to work, which usually takes 25 to 30 minutes, took a whole hour. It's getting really bad in Muscat and there will be no relief in the coming year. The new expressway wont be ready till the end of 2009 and congestion is going to get worse in the coming month as 3 bridges are going to be constructed in the Qurm area in front of Al Harthy Complex and Sultan Center. Also, next year they are planning to convert the major intersections in the CBD and Wadi Al Kabir into underpasses. Traffic is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.


Kishor Cariappa said...

It was terrible in and around Ruwi today. To add to the woes, there were multiple minor accidents near ONTC bus stand, bringing the traffic to grinding halt. I am surprised ROP isn’t doing anything to control traffic manually to ease congestion at key points. If they do, it will do a lot of good.

3anooda said...

Let me correct - it started around 1215 - i was stuck there. in fact i was looking for my car in that picture

Petite For Life said...

For the coming few days, it will get worst, until Tuesday midnight.

Traffic accidents will increase all over town.

God protect us.

Lost-in-thought said...

There is just too many cars on the road. Why doesn't the Oman police have "traffic police". Its a norm in many other countries. I dedicated traffic police staff will improve the problem a lot. They can be on standby and at busy intersections which are common places for problems.

L_Oman said...

Oh man how I hate traffic in Ruwi. It's a kind of it's own.

3anooda said...

ur kidding right?? traffic police in oman only increase traffic

i am so glad that i am no longer working in the CBD area. in fact i wont be needing to go there at all

Muscat_Moose said...

I'm personally working on the theory that from Saturday until Wednesday, there are vast tribes of "motorway dwellers" that never leave their cars... They are disenfranchised people who went to work one day... and never found parking... so they drive the roundabouts, overpasses and freeways forever clogging traffic...

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