Saturday, September 06, 2008

Magazines now more expensive than paperback books?

The price on the sticker is RO. 6.250. That's just under £10 for a magazine which sells for £3.90 in the UK.

Are magazines flown to us on first class seats on British Airways?


L_Oman said...

I'm glad you pointed this out. I think it stinks that they are allowed to sell magazines at these prices! Totally unfair.

Blue Chi said...

The prices of magazines are just crazy, WIRED magazine has $4.99 tag on it and then they sell it for RO4 (a bit more than $10).

muscati said...

L_Oman- Imported magazines are expensive everywhere. They cost just about the same when you buy them in other Gulf countries, and even in the far east. I just don't understand how or why distance doesn't make a difference in price.

Blue_chi- that's another thing which is even more baffling. How come US magazines can be brought in all the way from America and sold cheaper than UK magazines?

How are they able to fly a magazine all the way from the US, and sell it cheaper than a magazine that they flew in from the UK? And how come paperback books which have price tags of usually £5.99 or £6.99 can be sold here for 4 or 5 rials, 6 at the most, while a magazine which has a price tag of £3.90 sells for 6.25 rials?

Lost-in-thought said...

I guess maybe its because there isn't much sale of some of the magazines. Not like UK. So they just put whatever price they want.

JT said...

Ha ha, I was looking at magazine prices just a few days back and realised they were all around 6 RO, what a coincidence. They wouldn't be able to charge these prices if no one wanted to buy them. Clearly there are enough people from the UK to keep the magazine distributors in business.

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