Friday, August 15, 2008

Saud Bahwan Toyota doesn't want to hear from you

Go to the Toyota Oman website and look for any link to an adress where you can email them or even a number to get in touch with them.

In the About Us section, there's a link to the Saud Bahwan group website, and there you will find a single email address for the entire group. Otherwise, in the Sales Network section, you can get the phone numbers of all their showrooms. That's it.

Conclusion: Saud Bahwan Automotive doesn't want to hear from you.

More on this later.


Amjad said...

hehe .. these people are really amusing.

they don't only don't want to hear from you, but they also "don't need your money".. :D

last month we were trying to get a brand new car from Toyota, but had to wait for a long time since the car we wanted wasn't in stock. we joked with the salesman and told him if paying a higher down payment or paying the full amount in cash would make the process any faster, he joked back and said "we don't need money, we have a lot of it".

lol. yeah, I'm sure they have a lot of money.

Kishor Cariappa said...

A majority of companies don't care for online presence or quality of online presence in Oman. Sometimes they are right...for a mere 3% Internet penetration, why should they spend-money on Internet-related stuff.

muscati said...

Amjad - Exactly. You hit the nail right on the head. Saud Bahwa Automotive.n sells tens of thousands of Toyotas every year and doesn't give a damn if a few of the buyers are dissatisfied. They don't want to hear from you, and don't want to make it easy for you to reach them.

Kishor - I disagree with you. This isn't about Toyota Oman's web presence. This is about a company which is quite clearly going to great measures to keep their contacts out of reach of their customers. They will give you contact numbers of showrooms and service centers. They have an 800 number for booking service for your vehicle. But they don't want to have any of their corporate departments available for you to reach. For the entire Saud Bahwan conglomerate, the only email that is publicly available on their websites is: That's not even on their corporate email! This can't be a simple case of a company thinking "Oman has low internet penetration, let's not put too much time into designing our website".

firefly said...

compare Saud Bahawan Group to Al-Jenaibi Auto (BMW) website. All of their staff numbers pic and contact number are on their website, even their GSM number.

Anonymous said...

Actually they do respond. I wrote to them 3 days ago thru their website to complain about those Car-carriers on the flyovers and they responded yesterday.
I have included an extract of their response on Kishor's site.

Muscat Oman said...

You will probably find that all emails are received into a central point ( central command !! ) and filtered out through that and the reverse to send one.

Anonymous said...

Saud Bahwan passed away on the 20th of august, yesterday.
Istead of writing all this shit about the company's service, you should be sending your deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

And i certainly disagree with this, yes they have one email that is publicty on their website but im sure they have been replying all your emails.

I dont see any problem here, they sell you your cars yet you complain about the stupidest things, Saud Bahwan has other Automotives, Lexus Ford Daihatsu ect. and no seems to be complaining.


Anonymous said...

I was reading through all the messages thats were posted regarding the Saud Bahwan Group. Foremost is to say the sad demise of Sheikh Saud. Needless to say he was a great personality in the Oman business community and also has renedered help and services in a big way in Oman.I am sure he will be missed a lot.
As for the corporate mail address, I was myself surprised to find just one mail ID for the whole company where as to my delight I did find that my mails were answered by the person concerned.The trick been to mention his name in the Subject line. Saud Bahwan Group's service is legendary but I am sure there as few amongst who might have had a bad experience...but when we look further, we find that its just ONE person who would have hurt us and not the entire Group.Let me conclude my long message with my heartfelt condolences once again to the family and employees of Saus Bahwan Group.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
muscati said...

Anonymous #1 - Saud Bahwan passed away yesterday and like the majority of people of Oman, I mourned his passing.

My topic was posted on August 15th. It is about Saud Bahwan Toyota, not Saud Bahwan the man. The two are not the same.

Out of respect to the man's passing, I did not post the long post that I was planning to put up on the blog yesterday about my experience with the company. Believe it or not, I actually am a respectful guy.

I have a right to complain when something upsets me. You might think it's stupid. You have your views, I have mine. No one is forcing you to read this blog.

No one forced me to buy a Toyota either. I bought one. I wasn't happy with the company. I had some grievances. I was going to post about them. My blog. My thoughts. My choice.

I sold my Toyota day before yesterday. Saud Bahwan died the next morning.

Are you saying that I killed him?

(do you have a sense of humor, or is it like you lack of imagination and inability to choose a nickname?)

Anonymous said...

seriously who ever you are , you are sick .. the guy passed away can't you stop saying stuff like tht for at least until his funeral is done? have some respect for the dead,,,, u say you are respectful but your actions prove otherwise,

a family member

Anonymous said...

With all do respect to who ever you are, you said you have opinions right?, keep them for your self, nothing in this world is perfect so get over it, and again like the person above me said, you say you are respectfull guy right?, have some respect for the man, if not for him then for his family members atleast thats in griff, thats the least you should be doing at the moment, dont think that a family member wouldnt be hurt seing such things about a relitive that passed away, just 2 days ago, even if you are talking of a company, who owns it?, him, so with all do respect, put this down and atleast care about his family if you dont care for the man himself.

Family friend.

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything written about Saud Bahwan personally anywhere here. What's all this fuss about?

Anonymous blogging sucks.

Another friend.

Suburban said...

Stop press. You sold your Toyota??? Did you cave in and get the Yukon?

Sorry to see the comments on this thread. You don't diserve to be flamed like this.

Undercover Dragon said...

I think Muscati's original post was fair comment, and in no way disrespectful of Sheikh Bahwan. Somehow I don't imagine the man himself was responsible for the company website, nor the corporate communication policy.

muscati said...

I've decided to block anonymous comments. If someone wants to comment here they need to take the time to choose a nickname and get registered with either Blogger or OpenID. If you don't have time to get a nick, sorry you can't comment on this blog.

This thread has had 15 comments. 6 of them were anonymous, of which one claimed to be a family member and one a family friend. I have no way of knowing if it's the same anonymous person posting again and again claiming to be different people. (not that it makes a difference).

Anyhow, no nick=no comment.

MNB4800 said...

I too agree with Muscatis right to complain about a company whoever it is owned by, dead or alive. Nothing wrong with that be it either ethically, morally, socially or religiously.
Saud Bahwan (Allah yarhumah) is in the end a man created by Allah like any other man. Man does good and does bad and Allah will be the only Judge on his actions.
Now that's aside, regarding the complaint, there is a saying very well known with respected companies and firms that goes "The customer is always right". Even if Muscatis was the one out of one million who is dissatisfied, taking care of his complaint will cause no loss to the company and might even ensure that him, his relatives and kids continue dealing with that company.
We used to buy a lot of Toyota's because in the nineties, they were well priced, good customer care, great service, cheap spare parts and low costs. We would go to them blindly.
Though recently we went to other brands because a lot of the above didn't apply.
But then, that is not only with Toyota, but rather almost all the car brands here in Oman. They sell you the car with a smile. After that, if you complain then you are the odd ball and won't bother about you. Some can go as far as ignore you or put you on a "leash".
Though I would not blame the companies but rather the consumer protection and the consumer himself for allowing such carelessness happen.

Btw here are some facts:
- Muscatis post isn't about the deceased so his condolences shouldn't be here.
- There are ALWAYS complaints about any car dealer. Perfect car dealer doesn't exist.
- "SB Groups service is Legendary", nice selection of words but far from not only the truth but the word "real".
- Muscatis didn't talk ill about Saud at all. (Note: I don't even know Muscatis).
- English is a language that has grammar and spelling rules, please do check before commenting. Or use a spellchecker at least.

P.S. To those anonymous: If you really respected the deceased, then you wouldn't even replied in such aggressive and anonymous manner to a topic that is irrelevant to your claims.

mmridho said...

This is my first year in Oman. Have 1 car only, Toyota. Customer service at Toyota Service Center is suck. You need more than 30 minutes only to take your car, no smile, no helping hand to find your car.

But hey, what business in Oman having good customer service, anyway?

James Knight said...

This is poor customer service for Toyota's part. It seems that regional customer service varies.
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Jimmy Moreland said...

You would think that someone in customer service would let him know the situation. I'm sure that they do want the business. Old post, so good luck and if you need information about buying a car with bad credit then there's a helpful link. Cheers!

David John said...

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Matthew Hunter said...
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Matthew Hunter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matthew Hunter said...

It’s good to know that Toyota is providing this kind of communication service in the area to hear out the concerns of the car owners. This way, the problem assessment and the deliberation of solution will be easier. -Matt H.

Ethan Harry said...

You look adorable in a poncho! You're right, it is the perfect transition piece!

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