Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Next Generation

Really exciting day today. I woke up even earlier than usual even though it's my day off. It's Faisal's first day at Sultan's School.

We were there a little early so Faisal was the first one to arrive in his class, Early Year 1. Slowly the other parents and kids started to arrive. Except for two or three, every single family that arrived were people we know. Almost all of us, Sultan's School alumni, so it was a bit like a reunion.

I don't think I started going to school till I was about 5 years old. There was no nursery or KG in my years. Faisal is only 3 and he's already been going to playschool since he was one and a half. That's half his life. And now with the Sultan's School switching to the IB system, it's going to be Early Year 1, Early Year 2 and then 13 years of school!

Only two kids cried this morning, but the mothers were another story.

Good luck to the next generation. Class of 2023 began its journey today.

الله يحفظهم ويوفقهم ان شاء الله


Kishor Cariappa said...

Best wishes to Faisal.

Hope there are no homework and stuff for three-year-olds.

Anonymous said...


Aren't they supposed to start on Monday? KG2 kids were made to return home and told school will start on Monday.

Arabian Princess said...

Best of Luck, to the parents and to Faisal :) .. its a long journey but inshallah it will be an easy and full of acheivement :)

Cant wait till my little boy goes to school, I dont know why but I enjoy listening to kids who go to school .. its fun watching them getting thier first formal education :)

Suburban said...

Good Luck Faisal, and well done Mommy for getting him this far. Must have been bitter sweet leaving him, if only for the day.

The link to Sultan school is great. I just wasted almost an hour looking up graduation pictures of friends on the Alumni page. So cute.

Um Faisal said...

Faisal did much better than I did I think. I had tears in my eyes and the teachers actually asked me to leave incase Faisal notices how scared I was and it upsets him :)

It really was like a reunion for Mux and his friends, they were proud bringing their kids back to their school..

Aamnaa, they had the younger kids start today so they wouldn't be overwhelmed by the number of kids from other grades (older).

They really do grow up too quickly.. Allah yi7fath'hom

Anonymous said...

Miskeen Faisal ...

Petite For Life said...

I think you may had flash of memories in your old school and now your own son will have his own memory.

Best wishes to Al-Faisal.

Amjad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amjad said...

Mashallah .. :-)

Allah yi7fa'6hom inshallah.

Best of luck to Faisal at The Sultan's School, and may Allah grant you & Um Faisal a long life to see Faisal's own kids going to school.

Twister said...

Best of luck Faisal!

a7MeDiNo said...

I get happy whenever I hear someone joined Sultan School.. I'm an Alumni.

Allah ywafaq Class of 2023 (Is the number for sale? =p)

Inshallah, if the school keep's it's standard as No.1 school in Oman .. I'll join with sending my kids to it inshallah.

Undercover Dragon said...

well done guys - it is the number 1 school in Oman... and I bet he was super grown up an' all.

May he find happiness.

3anooda said...

alf mabrook Faisal and parents. its amazing how time flies and now u take ur kids where u used to be. 2023 - wow. makes me feel old

Lost-in-thought said...

Good luck !!
Its all about passing it on. No matter how much we bitch around, we grow out of it, and then its all about our next generation.

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