Friday, August 15, 2008

Customer Service

My next three or four posts are all going to be about customer service. As an introduction, I am going to partially repost something I had posted on Oman Community Blog last year:
You call a company and the person who picks up the call simply says "hello", doesn't make you think maybe you misdialed the number of got someone's house instead? Why can't they say the name of their company in their greeting?

You go to a shop or a showroom and you can't tell the sales people from the shoppers. While you're browsing someone comes up and stands next to you and hovers. How in the world are you supposed to know that this person is actually a salesperson who's there to help you and not another shopper who's stalking you?

What the hell is wrong with customer service in this country? I mean, how hard is it to put on a name tag?


Twister said...

True true...I find telephone answering norms in Oman particularly annoying in some companies...Bahwan Travels isn't any better...

Anonymous said...

I disagree. Most have name tags & i think its pretty obvious that they are the salesperson, because why else would anyone stand next to you waiting????

Kishor Cariappa said...

Normal customer service experience from Omantel:

Me: Can you give me number of XYZ?
Call Centre Agent: Here is your number and thanks for calling Omantel.

...ithnan, arba, thalata...!

Me: Grrrrrrrr (bang the phone and call again).

muscati said...

anonymous - I gave specific examples in my original post. Based on experiences last year, the following companies' employees do not wear name tags: Omasco (Panasonic showroom), Shanfari Automotive (these guys are even worse because the Omanis don't even wear kumas with their dishdashas), OTE Chevrolet showroom.

Going to work in a dishdasha without a kuma is worse than an expatriate going to work in his jeans. At least is considered proper informal attire, but a dishdasha without a kuma at work is just plain unacceptable. Add the fact that the guy is a salesperson and not even wearing a name tag to identify him, and why would anyone assume that the guy lurking next to him is a salesperson?

Angry In Oman said...

YES! All of it yes! The phone drives me round the bend. said...

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