Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Oman Mobile BlackBerry packages

Oman Mobile have introduced three new BlackBerry pricing packages.

Now light users can go for a Lite package for just 9.9 rials a month which includes only 3mb of BB data use. It doesn't sound like much but for users who only use their BBs for email and messaging it's a great deal.

Heavy users can go for either the Local Unlimited or International Unlimited packages at RO. 18.5 and RO. 29.5 which have unlimited data (international use is subject to a fair use policy).

I'm not sure whether to move to the Local Unlimited or stick with the Standard which is 19.5 rials with 10mb, but it includes all my mobile data use in the 10mb, so all the browsing which I do with my phone comes under BB use.

Details here.


Amjad said...

These new packages are good deals, I guess.

18.5 rials for unlimited data usage locally is not really bad. some BB plans in the US come very close to that.

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