Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Great Kebab Factory

I was going to do a review of The Great Kebab Factory but Kishor beat me to it. In fact it looks like he was there the same time Thursdsy night that we were, sitting just a couple tables away from us. For pictures and an a full review complete with the actual names of the dishes we ate please read his review [link].

The Great Kebab Factory (TGKF) is apparently a known chain in India which was recently brought to the GCC by Bahrain's Jawad Group who already operate Costa Coffee, Papa Jones and Dairy Queen in Oman. The high concept at TGKF is that they have over 180 different kebabs on the menu but serve just 6 giving them a very large variety to shuffle form on a daily basis. They have a fixed price menu with your only choice being Veg or Non-Veg. We went for Non-Veg which was RO. 7.9 per person plus tax. The waiters are all dressed in overalls like a factory, but the interior of the restaurant has absolutely nothing industrial about it. Why have an industrial name and uniforms and not go all the way?

The waiter who served us first came and asked if we want the concept explained to us. He proceeded to tell us that the restaurant is basically an all you can eat buffet which is served at your table. Salad, followed by six different kinds of kebab, then some lentil dishes and finally a biryani. Then you can choose to start all over again or go for desserts. A couple of friends who've been there before had told me that they were so full after the kebabs that they never got to the biryani. Another friend told me that the biryani was the best she's had in Muscat. Since I am more of a biryani than kebab person, I asked them to reverse the course and start us up with biryani. The biryani was so good that we asked for a second helping before we proceed with the kebabs. At that point we were too stuffed to actually eat much of the kebabs. I soldiered on and managed to try 4 of the 6 but my wife and her brother both gave up before the third.

I can't say much for the kebabs, but like I said the biryani was one of the best I've had in Muscat. A bit spicy, but extremely fragrant and full of flavor.

I recommend Kebab Factory, but you need a huge appetite to experience it. We only had soft drinks and three bottles of water but our overall bill came out to be about 32 rials for the three of us. Not expensive for an all you can eat restaurant, I suppose. I wonder if they do those biryanis for take-out.


Kishor Cariappa said...

Oops, missed out on biryani...I guess take-out menu has biryani.

L_Oman said...

I'll check them out, but crap - I think paying $83 is pretty steep for a party of 3. Here I go comparing again...Ugh.

Lachlan said...

My family really likes the Factory.

I only became aware of it about 3 months ago, even though I drove past it for months !

Everything is delicious and you can have as little or as much as you like (though second helpings is generally beyond us!)

One item in particular has me addicted ! It's one of the bread selection, a scone-like bread topped with an aromatic spice. I can't get enough of it !!

Must be time for our next visit !

Mischna Ong said...

I was hoping to find more kebab restaurants nearby. I hope the places would update their internet marketing so that they'll be more accessible for kebab preys like me.

xo, Mischna Ong

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