Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Reblog: Come Back Soon: Oman is Full

From the travel blog Jaunted:
It must be fun to be a country just opening up to tourism, with all the excitement of tacky souvenirs and tourists getting in your way still to come. That's the position the people of the Middle Eastern country of Oman find themselves in at the moment. The tourism ministry had been aiming to increase visitor spending to 3 percent of the GDP by 2015, but it looks like they'll meet that target by the end of this year instead.

But don't hurry to book your Oman vacation just yet. There are just 9,000 hotel rooms in the country, currently enjoying close to 100 percent occupancy rates, so there's not much room at the inn. The plan is to double the number of rooms nationwide in the next seven years.


Anonymous said...

As far as hotel rooms in Muscat are concerned I have been hearing that a lot of corporates are housing their staff there for lack of suitable rental accommodation. Don't know how much, percentage wise, it contributes to the almost 100% occupancy rate.

sythe said...

There's a lot of hotel's being built at the moment, and plus the Sheraton is still closed for refurbishment. 2008 should see a lot of additional hotel rooms available.

Theres a new hotel being planned for the beach just accross the road from Al Riyam park, its a park at the moment, but will be a hotel soon....

Anonymous said...

Yep convert all the coast into hotels - then see what your children will say when you read this post
NOW you know why Dubai is getting all the coast line of Oman - they have not get any left in Dubai. You will have to Pay Omani Rials to a Dubai company to get onto an Omani beach

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