Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oman Air's new logo and colors

Oman Air unveiled it's new corporate identity today. I can't put my fingers on it, but I just don't like it. I don't understand it. What's this new color, what's it got to do with Oman? And what's with this new logo that's vaguely similar to Gulf Air's falcon. They say that it's a "contemporary rendition of frankincense smoke." With wings? And why in the world would you want smoke painted on an air plane? Nothing symbolizes Oman like the Omani khanjar. Oman Air's old logo was probably the ugliest khanjar ever. All they had to do is update the logo with a funkier khanjar and change the colors to something more contemporary.

The Oman Air website hasn't been updated yet with the new "corporate identity".

Old (ugly) logo:

What do you think of this branding?

Update (25/02/08):

1. Arun Rajagopal was part of the team that worked on some aspects of the rebranding. You can read about it on his blog.

2. The logo was done by TBWA's local team in Oman, TBWA/ZEENAH. The aircraft color scheme was designed by Airbus Industrie. The first plane with the new logo and colors is to arrive today. I think they should have waited till the plane arrived to do the launch instead of doing a launch at the Shangri-La.

3. According to Oman Air's press release:

The new logo — a gold and silver swirl — represents the contemporary rendition of frankincense smoke. Much sought after by the world since ancient days, Omani frankincense is one of the most powerful and evocative expressions of the nation’s vibrant history, culture, heritage and people. Gold represents excellence and achievement and embodies the timeless traditions and the bountiful natural wealth of Oman. Silver represents the enduring and vibrant heritage of Oman, which has been reflected in intricate and exquisite silver artifacts such as the khanjar, jewellery and more.

The turquoise blue: "Symbolic of the infinite blue of the sky and sea, turquoise blue denotes the legendary hospitality and welcoming nature of Oman to travelers since ancient days."

Update 2:
From the Filton Airfield Enthusiasts blog, a picture of the first Oman Air plane with the new colors as it left Air Livery after undergoing the repaint. Interestingly, according to the blog the plane arrived there on the 16th of this month, so a repaint takes about a week.


Per Your Request said...

I didn’t think frankincense when I first saw it. What I do like is that is not straight lines, and the colors are more "commercial airline" colors. I would have kept the Khanjar though.
Welcome back to blogging

Amjad said...

When I first saw it I thought that it looks very similar to the Gulf Air logo. It's a disappointment that there is no longer anything represents Oman on their only courier's logo. Where did the Khanjar go? Where did the colors green/red/white go? which are of the Omani flag... Nothing to represent Oman in this logo, which is a huge disappointment!

As you said, they could have just worked a bit on their old logo. Having the Khanjar and the Omani flag's colors is the best thing on the courier's logo! Now nothing represents Oman in this logo... sadly.

muscati said...

I hated the red, white and green old Oman Air colors. It was so tacky and looked like it was designed by an amateur in a middle school logo design contest. I don't think that it's necessary to represent all the colors of the Omani flag on the airplane. But there has to be something Omani in it. Nothing says Oman like a Khanjar. It shouldn't have gone.

I'd love to know who it is who designed this logo. Our government really knows how to pick horrible logos. First Oman Mobile's disgusting orange honey comb travesty and now this. Oman Air's logo is tolerable in comparison to Oman Mobile, but still that's not saying much. At the very least it's obviously more professional. It just doesn't say Oman. All it says is Yet Another Airline.

TI3GIB said...

It looks alright, and even upon reviewing, it doesn't look like Gulf Air's.

Would have I favored if they 2.0ed the original logo ? .. Yes, but this isn't so bad.

P.S. Congrats about the move.

Beautiful Stranger said...

The logo doesn't represent Oman, true, and it looks nothing like smoke to me, but the overall resultant isn't so bad.
The old logo did look tacky though, and a little too bright for my liking.

murali said...

I think the new colour and logo could be improved to a better standard. As said by - include a royal insignia which will be unique in nature. Being its the only national flag carrier ,the logo designing should be more funkier and the colour coding should be sparkling and striking.

The Khanjar may be replaced with something better or the complete National Emblem can be incorporated. (The Khanjar with Two Swords). The body lining colour can be navy blue strips. Rest - as it is.

Anonymous said...

I like the colours, though the logo does nothing to represent Oman. It could all be a bit brighter, funkier and somehow younger. Afterall Oman is itself a young country.

Anonymous said...

The plan landed at muscat on 20th, was kept in wraps.

muscati said...

A full paint job on a plane in just three days? Is it really that fast?

Tallouza said...

The dagger was probably removed because of Al-Qaida....too violent for the very sensitive eyes of some selected people who have ironically sanctioned the most horrible forms of atrocities in our part of the world. I agree with the one who said that the new logo resembles the logo of Gulf Air.

Kishor Cariappa said...

2 agencies behind the makeover?

A typical case of …“too many cooks spoil the broth”...story!

Elagante said...

Loool Elmoshkilla they don’t get it,… We don’t need a new LOGO, we need a new staffs, new destination, new airport and a brand new CUSTOMER CARE… Changing the LOGO will not change the fact that I’ll never travel in Oman Air simply cause the way they treat passengers is not worth the pay and not relaxing at all to me (comparing to other companies) so driving to Dubai just to catch a flight is more logic to me that flying with Oman Air and it’s new look…

Anonymous said...

But the more I look at the colours I like it. Its quite smart.

srijith said...

Looks good ..But there is a problem when reproducing colours such as silver and gold on the aircraft…..maybe they have to use some special paints with a sparkling effect….otherwise its gonna look dull
….and have u noticed?…they have painted the first aircraft in wrong colours

Oman Roses said...

i do not like the new colors or logo..

NiGhTFaCe said...


Navcity said...

I dont like the logo either. The colours are not very inviting or vibrant. I havent travelled on Oman Air yet but I hear its very good service but theres no entertainment on board.

On the topic of khanjars London's SOAS is displaying some very fine examples of gold and bejeweled 17-18th C Omani Khanjars that are part of the Brunei Royal Family's collection (probably from trading back in the days.

P.s. Do you know what happens to all Omani houselhold waste? Is it landfilled or sent abroad or what? If you could drop me a line and let me know I'd be very interested. Cheers bro.

Anonymous said...

looks like gulfair but who cares gulfair won the best air paint so y dont we get it too,,
its better that the red n green. and the writting OMAN AIR in the body is enough to present oman

paintwizard said...

Hi, I painted the first tail logo, both companies involved have put a lot of time and money into achieving the metallic effect of the "fades" and the project has been happening for almost a year now. This logo and livery is far more advanced, modern and dedicated to Oman Air than previous (in my eyes) due to the passion and dedication that I have seen and been involved with. I will be re-painting the other "attempts" at the tail logo this year with passion. From what I have seen with respect to liveries (I have manufactured and painted hundreds, if not thousands), and will see, it is a beautiful livery, and reflects brilliantly on the representatives that i have dealt with and met from Oman, and their country,


paintwizard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
paintwizard said...

The dull lighting conditions of the photograph above make the metallic gold and silver look like brown and grey. If you actually stand infront of the aircraft or look at a "better" picure on, you will perhaps get a better idea

Mr Ordinary said...

the Old is GOLD
(the old one. colours and logo represent Oman )

Satchit said...

I think the new colour and design is so kool. I love the colours. I'm not Omani so don't really know what should be in the tail or whatever. But i love this new colours and the old was soooo SCARY. When i first heard that i was travelling by Oman air, i was scared to death. But when i saw the new colour i was so at ease and excited.
Keep the new colours.

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