Sunday, January 06, 2008

Not yet

This blog isn't dead. Not yet. I've just been too busy to update it.


richardjordan said...

Hi, This is Richard Jordan, simply an observer at four of the World Heritage COmmittee meetings, having missed, sadly the one in New Zealand due to conflicting meetings elsewhere.

This situation shows how very very complex inscription is, and the high standards to which applications are held.

You really cannot understand what happens at these meetings unless you have been there. The incredible adulation that a country has when their site is inscribed.

In Durban, when the Vredefort Dome (largest meteor crater on earth) was inscribed, or, when the Panda Sanctuary, after 18 years following application, was inscribed.

Or when a delegate reads poetry after one of the sites has been inscribed.

The List is not some Guide Michelin to wonderful places on earth. There are incredibly complex issues involved, even with development of management plans.

I have learned a great deal from the comments in this blog and will continue to monitor it.

By the way, the Aflaj Irrigation Systems of Oman were inscribed in 2006. It is fascinating to learn more about the intellectual and cultural history behind requests for inscription, and I am very honored to attend these meetings as a learner and listener.

As you can see from this discussion, reasons behind this decision are incredibly complex, and I for one am glad that I am not having to make these decisions.

Best to everyone for 2008, especially to the Oryx. And I have learned the Arabic-Omani name, which is important to me.

Richard Jordan

Undercover Dragon said...

Hmmm. OK... RichardNonSequitur...
BTW, I've got some really awesome Oryx recipies. Mostly useful in the UAE, I admit. But super tasty.

Muscati. Glad you're still alive. We miss you. [shit what do I know about we? I miss you.] Don't give up. The kiddies need guidance.

suonnoch said...

I do so empathise with the lack of time to update a blog. It's happening to me too. I suppose you could also say that it's lack of time management, or maybe over-commitment to too many other activities. I hope all is well.

soonwill said...

"And I have learned the Arabic-Omani name, which is important to me."

Sometimes you don't appreciate the value of just waffling in your spare time. Glad you do mate, all the best.

by the way muscati, you gotta come back with a really 'good' topic, worth the waiting

J said...

Keep it alive! Acropolis Review has more on events in the region:

Jawahir Jewels said...

unfortunaltly many of us are in the same boat of bloggs that havent been updated in a while

Ali said...

Don't know man, it looks pretty dead to me... hope you update it eventually :)

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