Monday, November 26, 2007

Plasma or LCD?

Plasma or LCD?

Panasonic or Samsung? (Sony's too expensive)

What about Philips?

Need to buy two, one for the living room, probably 50", and one for the bedroom.


nibaq said...

Both are good companies and got great stuff, but I am a fan of LCD cause they last longer.

Yet what you need to look for is the one with the most inputs. Especially focus on getting one with multiple HDMI inputs. We have to keep changing ours between devices. So its annoying.

Also make sure you can do PIP with HDMI. Its not a killer factor but better to have it than not. You can watch 2 shows at once.

TI3GIB said...

Ahh, everyone's asking this question these days. Here's a big one.

Go for LCD. It's safer, lasts longer, more responsive. The image may be smoother with Plasma, but it's always crisper and more responsive with LCD.

Here are some general notes.

1) The which company myth does not exist.

2) If you take an LCD, a or some stuck or dead pixels are inevitable. It doesn't say anything about the quality of the producing company.

3) For a regular standard living room, and unless you're comparing dick size with someone, 50" is an overkill. What you want to do is go for something like 42" but make sure it supports Full HD (also called 1080p, or 1920x1080 Resolution), it would be kind of pointless to go for that large of a panel and not go all the way with the features.

4) Connectivity is important. Make sure you have at least one of these high def ports. HDMI, Component, DVI, VGA (PC). And at least two of your standard def ports composite (AV) and/or SCART.

5) For an LCD of these specs. There's only one option you can get. Samsung. I hate the company honestly, but our poor market rarely explores with other (better) manufacturers.

6) The picture you're getting now is going to look worse on your new TV. Unless you get CANAL+ channels or TPS Multivision through card sharing or through some other method, this will apply. The channels I mentioned have a the highest quality standard def TV, and there aren't any HD channels you can easily receive and operate now. What I mean by operate is you'll require an HD set top box (fancy word for HD Receiver), to get those channels.

Your DVDs will look better than TV, but not much better. Unless you get an Upscaling DVD Player, BlueRay Player, or HDDVD Player.

7) If you want to experience the potential of your new screen, buy your 16 year old cousin some ginger ale and get him over to your place with his (Insert PS3 or X360) and play a round or two. current gen gaming is the most possible way of real knowing what your panel can do.

8) for both a 42" full high def, and a 32" or 27" 720p LCD panel, your pocket will be somewhere between 900 and 1100 rials lighter. The full def panel is somewhere around 800 rials but it's as high as you can go in terms of features, so it would last at least 2-3 years with you.

9) It took me time or effort to write that. I take PayPal.


neverhector said...

Have you considered DLP? They are much less expensive than LCD or plasma, especially since your looking for two big screens. There is no chance of burn in, and I think the picture quality is much better. They have twice the colors of other HDTVs - which is why I bought mine last year.

NiGhTFaCe said...

I got 32' LCD Samsung for my room, though as I heard, all got the same panel.
Samsung is cheapest among the three brands & maybe you can get more options.

I will have to agree with TI3GIB, you better get the 42'. I guess its enough!

sythe said...

I have had a philips 50" plasma, a Samsung 42" plasma and a Samsung 32" LCD.

My order of preference was the 42" samsung plasma, then the LCD at 32" and finally the phillips 50 - only because my phillips was $$$$$$$$$ at the time.

There IS a difference in build quality between panels, but the overall build quality of manufacturers has gotten a lot better in the last 12 months or so.

If you want a panel, you may be considering mounting on the wall. In which case I'd go for a LCD PURELY because they are a hell of a lot lighter and easier to hang. LCD typically is not as good for MOVIES as plasma is, but I promise, you wont really notice much of a difference once you get it all setup. dont scrimp on your interconnects either, and also as ti3gib said, make sure you have good connectivity and resolutions, which with any of the current Samsung panels on the market here you're going to get at least one HDMI port, and probably two, at least 2 component inputs and at least 2 regular AV inputs.

50" is sexy, and I do miss my old monster screen, but when I switched down to a 42" I was quite happy with it.

If you want my opinon, go with Samsung, I've never had a problem with anything I've ever bought from them, they are a strong solid company, and well lets face it, their LCD screens look better (aesthetically) than any of their competitors. Get a 32 for your bedroom for a snap at 279 @ c4 or lulu's and the choice of a 42 or a 50 for your living room is up to you. For pure enjoyment terms, if you have the cash to burn, go for a 50 - once you go big, nothing is ever quite the same!

Good luck TV hunting!!! :)

Oh, and by the way, Panny's are great panels too, they are the pioneers in the flat panel market, but if you do your reading, you will find that Samsung have been making leaps and bounds in the last 2 years in their tech, and are very reputable these days. There is nothing wrong with Pannasonic, I just have experience with Samsung and have been thoroughly pleased with both of my panels.

Twister said...

Samsung is the best for LGs...Panasonic and LG have a good rep with Plasmas...

believe it or not, a vast majority of LCD TVs in the market are in fact rebranded panels...some of sony's TVs use Samsung panels for their LCDs...

The only major manufacturers of LCD Panels are LG-Philips, Samsung and AU it's more than likely the LCDs you see in the market use panels from one of these manufacturers...

That said, the other electronics in the TV (input, de-interlacing/decoder chips etc) are also determining factors for image quality...

I suggest you check reviews at or to make your choice a bit easier...

muscati said...

I know it's overkill, but I think I'm gonna go for the 50" Panasonic plasma. At 799 rials including wall bracket and installation it's an incredible deal.

I can't get myself to like LCD TVs. The picture looks really horrible when you're watching regular satellite broadcasts. Philips offered me a full HD 47" LCD for just under 1000 rials (i think the model is 47PFL7422/98). I bought the 42" version of it for the bedroom. I'm not too hot on the Philips brand but I have a couple of friends who have them and they're not complaining. It's not ambilight, which I think is just a gimmick.

Samsung has a 50" plasma tv for the exact same price as the Panasonic. It has more HDMI inputs (3 vs 2) and it actually looks better than the Panasonic, but I've heard some horror stories from friends who've had problems with Samsung sets which the dealer here in Oman refuses to acknowledge.

Panasonic does not have a 1080p 50" plasma. They only have 1080p in the 58" and 65" TVs. The 58" is quite a deal at 1800 rials considering that Samsung's 50" 1080p plasma is about 1300 rials. Anyhow, full HD is not an issue for me just yet. I won't pay 400 or 500 rials extra for something that most experts say I will not be able to differentiate from 1080i.

Too bad Pioneer just doesn't exist as a brand in Oman.

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