Wednesday, November 07, 2007

No wonder no one reads this blog

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Anonymous said...

mine is elementary!

Amjad said...

LOOL.. mine is post graduate as well! :-p

Weird. a 5 years old kid would understand my blog actually! :-p

Meticulousness said...

Mine is genius, oh yeah XD!

Rara Avis said...

My is Genius as well
but I think it is not something to proud about :-)

Beautiful Stranger said...

I read your blog!
Mine is genius.
How does this thing work anyways? It only takes it seconds to decides the level of readability. Is it one of those game sites, like the ones that determine how long you'd live, or what your Chinese name is (and gives you a different name every time lol)?
It's interesting but I'm just curious about the basis it judges on.

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