Thursday, November 08, 2007


Carpenter's logic: If we had delivered on time you wouldn't have liked the work because it would have been a rushed job and the quality wouldn't be the same.

Wife's logic: Going by his own twisted logic, we should delay his payments or else he won't appreciate the value of the money.


Amjad said...

What about Muscati's logic?! :-p

Anonymous said...

that is scary for wife to have that kind of logic. just think about other things if were to be put in that kind of logical. smart but scary. I personaly think woman should be emotional and not logical,,, on the other hand she should just cry.............a joke

Twister said...

excellent logic...:D

Far7at said...

LOL i must say the wife's logic is pretty funny and super smart.

L_Oman said...

I'd say your wife is pretty darn logical in her reasoning.

We're building now and can understand your frustrations. The best part is when you give them something different than the norm, their immediate response is, 'Hatha ma zein'. Whateva, dude - just say you've never seen it before and you aren't sure how to do it! A person could lose their sanity just by building here and the hassle that comes along with it.

It's amazing how sub-contractors can change in attitude after they get their deposit. said...

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