Sunday, October 14, 2007

Made the switch

My birthday gift this year from my wife and family: a white 2.16 GHz MacBook with 2GB RAM and a 160GB hard drive. I wanted white to be different from my previous Windows laptops. The switch to Mac has been mostly easier than expected except for transferring my 50+ GB iTunes library which I haven't been able to do yet because my HP laptop keeps crashing whenever I try to back up the library to my external hard drive.

I still haven't gotten around to installing Parallels and trying out Windows on the MacBook.


Anonymous said...

accidently found your blog ;)

don't go with Parallels if I may suggest, VMware is much better - I own MacBook Pro and I tried both...most important fact is that VMware can use both processor cores, while Parallels only one and will feel sluggish.

congrat on your new rig!

EmiratesMac said...

Funny, just found this ;-)

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