Friday, July 27, 2007

I hate Shatti Cinema

I'd love to have started this post with "can someone please talk to the geniuses who run Shatti cinema..." Unfortunately, I actually know them and have spoken to them many times and it's an exercise in futility. As far as these guys are concerned they are the only people in Oman who know how to professionally manage cinemas, and as proof they'll repeatedly tell you how they started the first cinema in Oman and how they've been in this business almost 40 years. According to their market acumen animated movies are only for kids and therefore should only be shown in the daytime. Therefore, The Simpsons Movie, which is actually rated PG-13, is only being shown during the day. Working adults have to find a way to see it during the weekend because otherwise they will not have a chance again to see it till the next weekend. And that's only if it actually plays for another week. And as most of you know, since Shatti Cinema only has three screens they can't afford to keep movies playing more than a week or two or else they can't show new movies.

Meanwhile, the latest piece of sh!t movie by Jean-Claude Van Dammit is actually showing prominently on Shatti Cinema's screens making Oman one of the last countries in the world where his movies actually get shown on movie screens.

Go figure.


Anonymous said...

And some of the people who work there can be so rude! Once they did'nt even want to let me into the movies because they just assumed i was too young for it because i am short.

Ahmed said...

Sallaam All,
I have couples of issues for Shatti Cinema:one is that they show movies for short time, two weeks is sometimes not enough. I wanted to watch " Amirecan Gangster" the other day,but since I work away, i couldnot catch up with it. Second, most of the time I go in to watch a movie, people just cannot stop talking during the the movie AND their phones are not in silent mode. This thing bothers me As HELL, it is very annoying. I consider it irrespect for others. Last, similar point, people working at the counters need to go to a course called " Customer Service. They just dont to deal with customers.

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