Tuesday, May 29, 2007


We couldn't deal any more with how things are never kept in stock here in Oman. Every supplier has catalogs and display pieces of just about any design you can think of, but if you want to buy, they all give you the standard "allow six to eight weeks for delivery". With our house already a few months behind schedule, I'll be damned to wait 8 weeks for simple things like door handles or light fixtures. So like the majority of my fellow Omanis, I packed my family into the car and drove 4 hours to the shopping wonderland otherwise known as Do-Buy.

I swear to God, I think we spent half our three days in Dubai stuck in traffic. The average driving time between any place and the other was 1 hour 15 minutes. I couldn't believe it when we left a restaurant at 12.30am on Thursday night thinking we're gonna drive home in peace and instead found that the roads are just as congested as they are in the day time. Time it took us home? Yep, 1 hour 15 minutes.

Anyhow, so I'm still on leave from work. I have like 60 days accumulated and when I asked for a few days off my boss forced me to take 2 weeks. Since Saturday I've been going out every morning around 9 and driving all over town running errands till 1 or 2pm. What we call traffic here is nothing. It's a pleasure to drive in, compared to the traffic hell of Dubai.

I've been listening to the new station Hala FM a lot while doing all the driving. Doesn't it strike anyone as weird that Oman's first private radio station doesn't have any advertising? Is this deliberate? And they also don't have any on air presenters except during the morning and evening drives. Other than that it's just nonstop music and Hala FM jingles. Some people have been complaining that they don't play enough Khaleeji music. I've been so out of touch with the new Arabic music scene that whatever they play all sounds fresh to me, so no complaints. Can't wait till they open their sister station which is going to be in English. Another thing I've noticed is that Omanis love calling in radio stations. The presenters treat them like friends, and I wonder if these callers really are lonely souls who think that that voice on the radio really is a friend. I've yet to hear the presenters on this station entice callers with the chance to win anything. People are just happy to call and hear themselves on the air. "I'm calling from Saham, and the reception is really clear here. I love this new staton. Thanks for putting me on the air!" or "Hi, I'm Fullan, remember me I called yesterday also. I love your station. Thanks for putting me on the air again. Can I dedicate a song?" I'm not trying to be sarcastic and make fun of these people. I think their simplicity is endearing. It shows what simple we Omanis are.

I'm flying to Bangkok tonight for some check ups at that big hospital that everyone's been singing the praises off lately. I've been seeing doctors here in Muscat the past month for something that's been bugging me and I got tired of having to wait a week between appointments while the doctors keep eliminating possible diseases from their lists. Finally it was my dad who got tired of all the worrying and declared "we're going to Bangkok". I feel like a kid. I don't know anything about the trip. For the first time in my adult life, I'm the kid again. He did the bookings and just told me "we're leaving Tuesday". It didn't even come to my mind to ask where we're staying and how long we'll be there till my wife asked me the next day when I tried to convince her to come with us or at least to follow us at the of the week. It's funny, here I am in my mid 30's, now at the age where you start worrying about every thing. Your back hurts and you think it's a slipped disc. Your arm hurts and you start panicking about a heart attack. And yet, you're still a kid to your parents. And just how we worry about every little thing with our son, it's the same to my parents about me.

So yeah.. I'm flying to Bangkok. If all goes well I shall be back in a week.



mueja said...

near visit a bankog

Anonymous said...

ya rab you go and come back belsalamah

about Hala and ppl calling, Please be sarcastic, I have alwayes disliked FM100 bcz of these callers and the commenter or presenter whatever, they don't run the talk smoothly :S

Blue Chi said...

Hope you have a safe journey and that you get well soon.

I think that the silly call culture to radio stations and tv shows is common in the gulf and other Arab states as well, especially Saudi.

bankelele said...

Great that I found this site. There's a loan facility to link Kenyan traders with Muscat suppliers, that has not really taken off – and after reading more here, I’m sure i'll understand why

Anonymous said...

Know what you mean about the traffic...we just moved to Dubai a couple of months ago because of the traffic I have not done as much shopping as I want to(husband's happy about that , of course). I've also not been to half of the places that I was so excited to "check out" once we got settled here.

On a more serious note, I hope that you find out what's troubling you in Thailand and it's nothing at all to be worry about.Insha'Allah.

Have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

That's my comment above...had trouble trying to leave my comment with my blogger id


Amjad said...

Hey man, I hope it's not a serious disease. I wish you a very safe journey and hope you get well very soon inshallah.

Per Your Request said...

Hope all goes well with the doctors.

Balqis said...

If nerves are compressed on back that's why you have pain in arm also
I remember I was fearing heart attack 2 years ago but was heartburn only
70 rials for a quick troponin blood test
Inshallah everything will be fine
We are missing your influential big butt :P

Jawahir Jewels said...

salamt wala hope all goes well with u its true we never grow up in the eyes of our parents ....

u'll be fine inshaalah

Suburban said...

THat's the thing about being a parent that I didn't realise until I became one. Every single day is wrapped in the fear that something could happen to my child. And, like, it never, ever, ever, goes away. She'll be fifty, and I'll worry about her.

Safe travels, and best wishes for a quick and positive diagnoses (sp?).

Devilish said...

salamat !

lamya said...
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Um Faisal said...

I just wanted to thank everyone here for all their kind words and well wishes to my husband.

Thankfully the doctors in Bangkok figured out what was wrong and prescribed some really storng meds. According to them, after two months, everything should go back to normal *fingers crossed*

Inshallah Khair...

We got back late Tuesday night, just in time for the storm!

I hope everyone didn't suffer too much. For us, it was some leaks here and there, but lack of water is our main problem.

We spent the day driving from shop to shop looking for water and managed to get a few bottles here and there with the help of some friends.

We still don't understand how an entire water tank (the one in our house that is) ran out in less than a day!

Balqis said...

Stormy guy :P

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