Sunday, May 06, 2007

Let's play pretend

Ok, boys and girls, let's pretend this is the first we hear of this:
Bahrain has become the sole owner of Gulf Air after Oman said yesterday that it was ceasing to be a stakeholder in the airline with immediate effect.

Oman's formal withdrawal was stated in an official letter delivered by its Economy Minister Ahmad Bin Abdul Nabi Makki to Bahrain's finance minister Shaikh Ahmad Bin Mohammad Al Khalifa at a meeting in Manama.

Following the decision, the Gulf Air board of directors held an impromptu meeting that included representatives from both countries to discuss the modalities of the transfer of the Omani shares and assets which, according to analysts, should last a maximum of six months. However, Bahrain's solo management of the company started yesterday. [link]


bowsher said...

an Oscar for the best production in the "laugh or cry" category

commenter said...

Island fever

Sariya Al-ismaili said...

Let's hope they ofer the best services in Oman air , since Oamn air is going to be the monopoly.

Wardat_il'7leej said...

The news was out of Bahrain before it had reached Oman, who also did not give any official response to the news that had leaked out without their prior knowledge. When a delegation went to Bahrain to clarify the matter they were informed that Bahrain is an open market which allows for such news and information. (Doesn’t make sense).

Now if you walk the streets of Bahrain specifically in front of the Gulf Air offices, you will find all Air lines recruiting Gulf Air staff among which you will find Oman Air, due to the statement given above of Bahrain being an open market. said...

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