Sunday, April 29, 2007

One more reason our internet sucks

I posted two short posts on this blog an hour and a half ago and they still haven't shown up no matter how much I refresh the page.


I'm not sure if this is an Omantel cache problem or it's caused by switching to the domain. The three posts I put up yesterday on the blog did not show on the main page till about 16 hours later even though they were accessible on their direct URLs and on the RSS feed. And even now when each of the posts has one comment, the main page shows no comments on any of them. Is any one else facing this problem?


Elagante said...

Welcome to Omantel

Blue Chi said...

I've faced this problem earlier as well, I don't think that it's the internet connection, I think that it is a problem with Blogger itself.

NaBHaN said...

It's a problem with blogger because this happens to me as well.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

its definitely a blogger problem because this happened numerous times to me.

maybe because they're updating on their server or maybe because there were far too many users accessing their internet service, perhaps.

NiGhTFaCe said...

I noticed this, its something with Blogger I guess.

A Yahya said...

Joining the concensus as well: Its Blogger's fault

Balqis said...

this morning was slow
technicians are working on it
so they said

Amjad said...

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