Sunday, April 29, 2007

Gulf Air stake talk baseless: Macki

The Omani way of giving out information:

The Sultanate’s government has not received any intimation from the Bahraini government regarding the plan to own Gulf Air in full, HE Ahmed Bin Abdul Nabi Macki, Minister of National Economy and Chairman of Financial Affairs and Energy Resources Council, told Oman Tribune in a statement. “The news circulated by a number of newspapers about the same does not reflect the official view of the Bahraini government,” he added.
As for the talk on Gulf Air’s intention to lay off 1,500 employees, most of them expatriates, Macki said such talk was groundless.
Talking about the share of each government, Macki said: “As of today, Bahrain has 80 per cent share in the carrier, while the Sultanate has 20 per cent.” [link]
The first official response to Bahrain's decision to take over Gulf Air, and incidentally, the first acknowledgement from our government that Bahrain has indeed increased its shareholding to 80%.


Balqis said...

He probably wants to reassure those in panic for their jobs
but he spoke more like a Bahraini official
lol that's why I like this country
you never know where lays the limit between sanity and absurd :P

Balqis said...


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