Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Check it out

This blog's new address is:

I registered the domain with Network Solutions in 1999 and never used it. I tried to activate it a couple years ago when I get active in blogging but couldn't remember the user name or password under which I had registered it. I've been trying half-heartedly with Network Solutions ever since to regain access but they kept insisting on sending the details on my original email at the time when I bought the domain back when Omantel used to be GTO and our emails used to be I finally bit the bullet a couple weeks ago and sent a fax to Network Solutions with an email address form, copy of my picture ID and a utility bill that proves my address. There was no reply from them. I called their support line which kept me on hold forever and finally someone whose accent I could barely understand finally explained to me that they had received my fax but since my ID had some "strange characters which aren't English" (i.e. Arabic) they cannot accept it. At which point I blew my top off and cussed the hell out of the guy and Network Solutions for about 5 minutes and then slammed the phone. It apparently worked because I received an email from them yesterday saying that they've changed my email address which means I could finally reset my username and password to regain access to my domain.

Anyhow long story short. We've got a new url, same old semi-active blog.