Friday, February 02, 2007


We've been offline here at home since Saturday. I've been a bit busy and it didn't bother me. By Monday we figured out that it was not Omantel's problem but our ADSL modem had died. It's the second Belkin 54G modem we go through in the past two years. These Belkin all in one modems/routers/access points are crap. Their range sucks compared to D-Link and others, and I don't know anyone else who's going through modems like we are. Anyhow, we had a replacement brought in the same night and it wouldn't connect with the access points we have in the house. So my dad has a perfectly fine internet connection in his room but we have no access unless we bring our laptops to within his access point's range- which is something I didn't do till today. I have a week's unread email filling up my mail box. I check my gmail on my phone but I can't access anything with attachments and I can't reply to anything. And I catch up with blogs through Google Reader at work, which is still not blocked by our evil WebSense filter, but I can only read their RSS feeds without replying or commenting.


Blue Chi said...

We've been using a 3Com wireless router/modem for more than a year now with no problems with it at all. The range is not so great, but it does the job fine most of the time.

M-Pac said...

From what I experienced, I suggest you to avoid Belkin and D-Link.

Linksys make great modem/router devices. No problems whatsoever and they update their firmware more often than the other competitors.

Elagante said...

You’re lucky you were able to ONLY read, in my area I can't even apply for internet connection YET...’

NiGhTFaCe said...

I wouldn't recommend D-Link, though Belkin is better. The Belkin in our office here is used for testing, guess it goes over heavy load. But, never faced a problem.

I guess the best you can get is Linksys. I use the G class, the range is good. Since I moved to this new house, I set the modem downstairs, where still I can get the signal in my room which is at the 2nd floor.

They released this N class, I believe it gives a better range. I think this might cost something like O.R 70. said...

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