Sunday, January 14, 2007

Poor guy

This guy will never let him off easy

Do you think this guy knew when he agreed to appear in the ad that the board in front of him would say "Breast Reduction (For Men)"? And on the front page of the newspaper no less!


ColOman said...

this must some kind of a prank!

Sleepless In Muscat said...


no prank - just check the newspaper!

i just laughed my ass off when i saw the ad. He must be in boiling water by now after seeing it for himself.


Anonymous said...

Saw it in the newspaper yesterday, really crazy!

Anonymous said...

poor guy indeed!

Sue said...

Ohh ma god!! This is cwaaazy!! is this for sure?! in which newspaper? errr i missed it :'(

but breast reduction for men?? WHA DA HELL IS DAT? ehhe

Elagante said...

You never know what's under the dishdasha every one...

Det. Conan said...

Price of Fame, my friend.

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