Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Omani water not posh enough

A recent trend in Oman's more posh restaurant: serving exclusive or designer still water.

We went to lunch at The Chedi on the second day of eid. The waiter served us water from a brand I've never seen before. When I asked to see the bottle it turned out to be Speyside Glenlivet "quality" Scottish mineral water. When we were done with our bottle I asked the waiter if we can get some local mineral water instead. Quality or not, it didn't taste any different than any other water and didn't justify being 3 rials a bottle. The waiter disappeared for 5 minutes and came back to apologize that "we don't serve local water."

How very uncouth of me to ask.


Mansur said...

I remember going to many restaurants here in Dubai, where the situation would be such that they would not serve me the locally bottled water but instead something extremely posh. Its as if they are saying, just like you say, the local water aint posh enough.

I am sorry I havent been commenting of late, but I added you back on my reading list, so expect more from me now.


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