Sunday, January 07, 2007

No more Discovery Channel on Showtime

When did this happen? Apparently in the past couple of weeks since I last turned on the TV other than to watch a DVD, Showtime stopped carrying the Discovery Channel. I don't know why we even bother renewing our Showtime subscription. We watch less and less TV every year and Showtime just gets worse all the time.


Mansur said...

Even I dont bother renewing my subscriptions. I watch all the news channel- bbc, cnn, euronews, al jazaeera- which are all free to air, and then I watch Dubai One, MBC 2 and MBC 4. All free to air. I don't need anything else because I dont have time to watch all the extras channel I pay for.


ColOman said...

90% of the time, when I watch shwow time its on Show time. If that is the case I might as well swtich to Orbit.

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