Thursday, November 16, 2006

Two Months

I had my stupid car accident on September 15th and I only got it back today!

I am so disgusted with the whole situation that I can't be bothered to write the whole story. To cut it short:

- I tried to sue the company that owned the wheel loader that tried to make pancake out of my car and was told that Omani law doesn't allow me to sue the company since they have insurance. So long as they are insured and the insurance agreed to repair my car the only claim I have is against the insurance company.

- I wanted to sue the insurance company because they refused to fix my car for 30 days. According to Omani law if you get in an accident the liable party's insurance company has to fix your car within 30 days. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a lawyer who was willing to take the case because they get more business from insurance companies and they wouldn't want to jeopardize that income stream (I'd be lying if I said that I tried very hard though, I went to a couple legal firms and then gave up in disgust).

- Al Ahlia Insurance is the worst insurance company in Oman. Period. If, God forbid, I ever get in an accident again, I will first ask the driver who s/he is insured with and if it's Al Ahlia I will take the blame for the accident even if it wasn't my fault rather than deal with these assholes again. The estimates for fixing my car were as high as 4000 rials and yet their claims department kept saying that the garages are trying to rip off the insurance company. They even brought in two garages from Wadi Kabir who no one has heard off and made them give bogus estimates of RO. 1400. These estimates were given without even inspecting the car. They only looked at pictures in the insurance company's offices and then wrote the estimate without listing parts or work to be done at all. The insurance company said that since there are two parties willing to repair the car for that amount the insurance company will not pay anything higher. I took the matter all the way up to their top management and nothing happened. The dude joked around, tried to sweet talk me and then walked me out of his office without committing to a single thing. I finally gave up and accepted to pay the difference if they transfer the LPO either Abu Hani or El Sukry, since at least these two garages have a reputation for being good at fixing German cars. I ended up having to pay 500 rials out of my pocket to get the car fixed and repainted at Abu Hani.

- After driving a Land Cruiser for 2 months I felt constrained and claustrophobic after driving my car home today from the garage. I parked it home and went out in the Land Cruiser again.

- I gotta say the car's looking good in it's fresh paint and brand new halo head lamps.


Anonymous said...

Hi Muscati's. Nice Blog. Sorry to hear about your insurance hassles. My best friends went through the same thing when thier beand new prado got wrecked. The insurance company suggested that they take it to what was, essentially, Joe's workshop for the fixing of cars, typing of documents, and sale of foodstuffs. Which would void the warranty entirely. They had to raise hell to have the dealership fix it, but did eventually win out, a month and a half later.

Anonymous said...

Don't bother yourself too much. We all face similar problems. Hah

by the way, i haven't heard off the insurance company you have mentioned, but who knows about the rest.

There all the same..
Good luck.

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