Sunday, September 10, 2006

Internet at work

Does your workplace allow you unfiltered internet access?

Where I work we have a very strict internet access policy where you have to fill a form justifying your need for internet access and get it recommended by your boss and approved by the department head. The security gurus in the IT department then go through the application and decide your level of access before setting you up. Even then the access is regulated by an industrial strenghth filter called WebSense which blocks access to web-based email sites, online shopping sites, entertainment sites, blogs, chat rooms, discussion forums, etc etc. Despite that, and particularly WebSense's slogan "Securing Productivity". I'd be lying if said that I have never wasted time online at work. It's just that instead of wasting time on OmanForum, it's or Google News. It's amazing how when you're left with no options for deviating from work, you'd still find ways out no matter how boring they are.

So I was over at the Emirates Economist blog yesterday and read a very interesting post about this very same topic. A few snippets from articles quoted in his his post:
Jobseekers will think twice about employers who lock down work internet access, a senior Microsoft executive said today.

“These kids are saying: forget it! I don’t want to work with you. I don’t want to work at a place where I can’t be freely online during the day,” said Anne Kirah, Microsoft Senior Design Anthropologist.
About one-quarter of employee terminations are due to misuse of workplace Internet privileges, according to a recent survey. In a case that gained attention earlier this year, a New York administrative law judge found Internet use no worse than using the phone or reading a newspaper at work.
Of the 2,700 people quizzed in the unscientific survey, 52 percent said they wasted more time online than any other way. (The survey, by the way, was conducted online, and some responded: "I waste my time filling out surveys like this.")

Hope you're not reading this at work.


NiGhTFaCe said...

& I am reading it from work :D

Though at my work place, I can normally visit all the websites, they blocked the softwares dealing with the internet, like the chatting softwares, downloading softwares & etc.

M-Pac said...

PDO use WebSense as well.

It blocks almost every site but forums and blogs work fine. Web-based email is restricted to a 30 min quota. Software installations is restricted as well

Mystique said...

i am at work right now :P says it all doesn't it

Arabian Princess said...

My workplace doesnt block internet access except MSN and downloads ..

I agree with "Anne Kirah", the age where internet is only a privilage is slowly disapearing .. i think productivity should be monitered in other ways rather than "if you spend the time online or not"!

Petite For Life said...

The internet in now an essensial form of comunication arround the world through forums and blogs.

I feel its a form of relaxsation and reliving stress at work.

sensation said...


Well I am still a student! :p

But while conducting my summer training course in a leading Engineering company in Muscat all the employees didn't have access to the internet! The same goes for me! We could ONLY send and recieve emails through the email account which the company provided us with :)
The only way to use the internet is through a so called internet station which is a PC for public use! While everyone can see what you are doing so basically you wouldn't spend like more than 15 minutes using it! :p
In fact I saw one of the head of the departments using it as well! Even the heads of the departments don't have access to the internet :)

I do believe that the internet is a major factor in wasting time in work places and anywhere else but as you mentioned te employees get creative about wasting time! lool! Even if the wasting time process is dull ! ;) :D

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