Saturday, September 30, 2006

Car update

Two weeks since my stupid car situation and the garage the insurance company sent my car to (Abu Hani) only got around to completing their estimate yesterday. They said it's going to cost RO. 3700 but then revised down to RO. 3200. However, apparently it's not a lump sum estimate, and what that means is that the insurance company has to go through a very detailed list of parts and repairs and approve them one by one. In other words, they might not approve all of it. And since the amount is quite close to the actual current book value of the car, they may choose to decline the repair and just write a cheque for the amount and write-off the car.

It would be ok with me to be paid the book value if I were planning to buy a new car. I could take the money and put it down as a down payment on a new car. Then again, if I had wanted to buy a new car I'd have gone ahead and bought one already instead of driving the same car for the past 8 years.
Why should I end up paying for a new car because some idiot construction company worker decided to reverse his onto my car? His brain decides to shut down for a minute while he's driving a massive piece of heavy equipment and I end up paying car instalments for the next five years?

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Devilish said...

We got one of the most genius insurance systems. They never pay you for your lost hours between garages for the quotation. They never pay you for your time without a car all those weeks. Yet its not your fault, n you have to do all the run around ! Of course it can only be done during office hours !