Saturday, August 05, 2006

On the subject of weekends

Earlier this summer the UAE announced that the government will switch to a Friday-Saturday weekend in September. Last week Bahrain announced that they too are switching to a Friday-Saturday weekend starting September 1st. Qatar already made the switch since July 2003 (in fact there's talk that Qatar is currently considering a switch a Saturday-Sunday weekend). This leaves Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia the dinosaurs with the Thursday-Friday weekend. Incredibly, Saudi Arabia is apparently in the process of making the change as well. Would Oman follow and make the switch or will we continue to be the odd one out?

Many companies, especially those which deal with countries that have a Saturday-Sunday weekend, refuse to have a two day weekend. If they close on Thu-Fri, they get out of touch with the outside world for four days leaving them just Mon, Tue and Wed to do business. If they go for a Fri-Sat weekend they have one extra day of business with the outside, but one less with the government. It was a lose-lose situation. Hopefully
companies that are still operating on a one day or one-and-a-half day weekend would be more encouraged to switch to a two-day Fri-Sat weekend if it means that they would be synchronized with the government.


Mindazi said...

There's a lot more involved in something like this than just business.

nibaq said...

I know how you feel. We are a bit more screwed in Kuwait thou. The government closes Thursday/Friday, and the banks, insurance companies are closed Friday/Saturday.

Then they are private companies that are Thursday/Friday, or even Friday/Saturday. So doing business is tiresome cause somedays you just have to wait.

My vacation is half day on Thursday and whole of Friday. Hopefuly Kuwait will switch and join the rest of the Gulf or we going to be losing out.

illogicist said...

Figures Qatar would consider a sat-sun weekend, huh.

nzm said...

Hi Muscati and Ocean Dream

Did you know that you're famous? :-)

You're quoted in Gulf News!

3anooda said...

it will never happen in Oman. we will always be the country where the government has 9 working days in january while the private sector had 19

Red Dragon said...

I have heard that Oman is going to change it's weekends soon,

It will be on Friday & Saturday at the end of this month

paiduema said...

If we wish so deep for that ....
it wont happen!

although i noticed that Omanis are very laid back and they would fight the world for extra holiday!
i mean the public sector doesnt seem like it is working anyway here!!! are they?

I am craving for a two-day off ... but i've got a boss-out-of-hell who wont allow it ...

In Jordan we are used to Fri-Sat, and everybody is off at these days! really

i've got a day and a half, it sucks, BIG TIME, i am always tired, very tired!

well, lets wait and see if Oman is not really what it is: laid back, lazy, stupid and highly racist.