Thursday, August 10, 2006


We moved into this neighborhood in the late 80's. Back then there were only one or two other houses in this whole area which is now almost full with only a few empty plots remaining unbuilt. Basically we've lived with construction activity around us for close to twenty years. We've been patient and understanding, and luckily most of the neighbors have turned out to be great folks. A few years ago the land right next to us and the one opposite us were bought by the same guy, who went ahead and built three massive houses for himself and his children, plus another two for rent. The construction went way over schedule and we had to live with their construction noise, dust, and lack of privacy for well over two years.

After a long delay, they've finally moved in a week or two ago. You'd think that they'd come to say "hi we're your new neighbors, sorry you had to put up with our mess for the past two years". Guess again. The first communication between the neighbors and us, is them complaining to the workers who are working on adding a majlis to our house (a majlis which, by the way, we are only building because their house is so huge that it overlooks our garden and we can't sit in it anymore without feeling like we're being watched) that they are too loud and that they can't sleep from their noise!

They're lucky I wasn't around when they said or someone would've gotten _______________ (edited for the sake of future neighborly relations).

Something tells me that things aren't going to be very cordial with our neighbors.


Chulupu said...

why you care, you will be moving to your castle soon right?

ColOman said...

I say, bust a cap in his ass

fatamo said...

Lol! So many thoughts of what I would do to a neighbor like that.. best kept to myself, though :p

illogicist said...

I dont even know who my neighbours are. I think the whole American suburbia 'give your neighbour some cake' thing doesnt really exist around here. After all, thats what those huge fences around every house are for, right?

Nash said...

I suggest be neighbourly, go over introduce yourself, then invited them over for coffee, you never know, they might turn out to be cool people...

PS: saw your recent interview in paper. You both look smashin' :)

The Aggressor said...

Dude, I hear you loud & clear!! I just moved to a new home myself recently, and although it's a swell place, neighbourly relations are circling the drains with my upstairs neighbour. There's this phobia about parking places that's really getting me down!!

Mysterious said...

Working on Nash's suggestion. Makes sense!

That's what I had in mind though.

Petite For Life said...

Selfish and contrdicting characters. God help you'll.

sensation said...

looooooooool :D
Some people are "toooooooooooooot" !
Ops! That was eddited too! :D

Say hi to your neighbors please! :D
Or don't ! :think:

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