Thursday, August 03, 2006

I want my two day weekend, dammit

I took the day off today and in a single morning I managed to complete all the errands which I had on my to-do list since last week. They're all house/construction related. I started out at 10am and zipped up and down town twice asking for quotations from a security/alarm system company, two airconditioning dealers, and the window/double glazing. Surprisingly all that took just an hour and a half so I also passed by architect/consultant's office to pick up some extra copies of window and door designs and schedules. I was still left with enough time to choose whether to go visit the construction site or shop at Qurum till lunch. I chose shopping and I was back at home by 1.15pm.

Having worked my entire ten-year career since graduation in the banking sector where we only get Friday off, I was surprised how much a difference a two day weekend can do. As far as I know plans for a two day weekend in the banking sector are dead and burried. It ain't gonna happen any time soon, and that just sucks.


NiGhTFaCe said...

It feels good when you finish stuff at the weekend.

I have one day off per week, though its like two days, since the day after I will be doing a late night duty.

Kay said...

You probably should have checked with the air conditioning dealers before u actually started to build your house, cause of the piping and everything. You might have to break down walls and stuff. I've seen it happen to our house. Second time around dad started to check the dealers before the construction work, I asked why and he told me to have the pipes and all the other stuff put in while the actual building is going on, its easier and saves both money and time.

muscati said...

I think most houses these days are designed from the start with the piping and drainage for split-unit ACs- or at least mine is :) You just tell the architects what type of AC you want in the house right from the start and they'll put it in the design. And then when it comes time for buying the ACs you shouldn't worry about installing them.

Bowsher said...

ACs: For central systems it might be ok, but if you are going for split units you have to watch out for a few things; e.g., the side of the indoor unit where the drain pipe is located, some manufacturers have it on the left side whilst others on the right.

Security: If you are planning on any of: gate automation, telephone system, music system and video entry, then it is prudent to consider a supplier that can offer these together - you end up, usually, saving some cash and save yourself a lot of headache.

3anooda said...

HAHA im in the bankking sector and i have 2 day weekends. its good but i sometimes find it a bit boring. my mum works in a school so when she starts, i will be taking saturdays off to have the house to myself in the morning. cant wait.

PS. my social life improved greatly as now i schedule thursday morning breakfast dates with my friends. its good. u should try it. ;p

muscati said...

But 3anooda, I work in a real bank. :-)

But seriously, the way your bank does it is by putting staff on shifts so some get Thursday and some get Saturday, and others might not be so lucky to get a day accompanying Friday and have to take a day in the middle of the week.

I want a weekend where the whole bank shuts off on the same day.

3anooda said...

yeah and I work in the Bank of Dreams!!!

Dude u dont work in my bank so i KNOW ur not working in a decent one. LOL

phyllisjanes said...

Very productive weekend, I hope you got great prices on your quotes.

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