Friday, June 16, 2006

Sign at the entrance of the Ministry of Manpower


Translation: Foreigners not allowed to enter.

Thing is, it's not just foreigners who are not allowed; even Omanis must have proof that they are authorised to represent the company or organization that they've come for. For example, when the ESO hired its first employee, who by the way isn't Omani, we asked him to go finish his paperwork in the Ministry of Manpower. He couldn't because he wasn't allowed to enter. I had to leave work and go there myself just submit his paperwork. Then a few weeks later when everything was done and we had to pay a small fee for his medical check-up, they wouldn't let him to go in just to pay the fee at the counter. He tried to get an Omani guy there to go pay the fee on his behalf but they wouldn't accept from the Omani either because he didn't have proof that he works for the ESO. I had to leave work again, go to the labour dept, stand in queue, show proof that I am an authorized representative, then go to the manager to verify my papers, then come back in line again and pay.


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Devilish said...

This is something very normal, so that things wont be misused. As it was explained to me u have to provide a letter to MoM to certify that so n so is representing ur entity. Otherwise every other Tom, Dick, n Harry can easily claim so without proof.

“Foreigners not allowed to enter”
That sign is in place to enforce Omanization. It sad that the local companies learn the hard way ! Back in the old days, the PR used to be a foreigner, nowadays a local is a must, coz a foreigner wont be allowed in, again to promote Omanization.

Kazablanka said...

So if i got there they would tell me to go away??? even if i am a girl?? :(

What do u do at the ministry of manpower anyway? whenever i think of the ministry of manpower, i imagine all these guys with muscles working there. You know cuz man and power. anyway..

omera said...

sad very very very very saddddddddd,

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