Friday, June 23, 2006

Mr. Mom

This was the plan: OD is off to Denmark for a ten day course by her new job, and I am going to take advantage of her time away by working extra hours and finishing off all my pending work.

Here's what happened instead:

Sunday night she flew out to Copenhagen and the very next morning our maid got a call from the Philippines telling her father had passed away. She called me at work sobbing hysterically. She didn't say anything else but I knew soon as I get home she'll ask to go home. Tuesday night she was off on a plane to Manila. Oh, I forgot to mention that OD's family had left on holiday Saturday as well. So basically here I am with no one but my mom to help me out with looking after Faisal. And by "help me out" of course I mean do just about everything for him, because while I can take a few days off from work, I can't take a whole ten days. And even if I did take ten days off, I am totally useless when it comes to preparing his food and feeding him. So basically my poor mom is all of a sudden a full-time mom which means doing everything that both the maid and OD used to do. And now I am out of the office every single day at the end of official work hours on the dot. I try to do as much as I can, but I know it's not enough.

Back to the subject of the maid. My colleagues at work keep scaring me telling me that she's not coming back. It seems like everyone of them has a story of at least one maid who said her father or mother had passed away and went back home never to come back. They've become jaded because of their experiences and now they believe that they're all liars who make up stories to get free tickets home. I can't be that way. The poor woman was sobbing all day. That couldn't have all been an act. Still I asked her "are you coming back? If not just tell me and I'll book you a one way ticket." She insists that she's coming back so I paid for a return ticket. I hope she comes back.


AtGm said...

Lots of stories of maids not coming back, but inshallah you won't have a story to tell.

And what a line events happening all together! Mashallah, good luck with all that.

3anooda said...

And here I thought u were going to be telling stories of interesting baby bathing experiences. From the title of the post that is.

You should change it to "Mr. Mom-I-Need-Help"

Kay said...

you might want to start scouting for new maids! one of our maids left and called a week later to say she wanted to come back. Work is hard to find back home, so it a 50/50 chance. Good luck.

This is a great chance to bond with Faisal and for him to get to know you more.

Nash said...

Good luck babysitting, its more fun than banking, you should try it out...

OceanDream said...

My poor poor husband!I feel bad enough being away from my two boys, then the nanny drops that bomb. I have to admit, I am a bit skeptical as well. Everyone here in Copenhagen is telling me she is not coming back! All the Arabs in the course with me that is. We are just keeping our fingers crossed.

Its tough on Faisal though, He is not old enough to fully comprehend whats going on, but I know he feels that somehow all is not right what with both myself and his nanny gone. Poor baby. And poor Mux. I feel so awful here.

I never want to leave home again.

anonymous said...

MR. Mom how about Mr. I dont do anything my mom does it all hehehehehe. OD should stand for overly dramatic get over it.

OceanDream said...

Hehe, yeah! I feel like a total drama queen here!

Shil said...

Awww! That's hard! I would say keep a standby ready, just in case. But then you never know. She might just come back! You will probably get closer to the little fellow...

Sowhat said...

hmm miss being here :)

too much events for a week allah ye3enek .. i think you cant do anything actually you have done the right thing by buying a return ticket ... take your chances of her being honest because it is difficult to get new maid that you trust wo leave alfaisal with her ..

but i hope you bought her a non-refundable ticket anyway ..

ColOman said...

Dude your getting a whippin from all the ladies.

Take it easy on him women :)

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