Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wish I could

Woke up perfectly rested this morning having slept early last night. Suddenly got a terrible headache on the way to work and it just kept getting worse as the morning progressed. Kept thinking to myself that maybe I should take the rest of the day off and go back home but I knew that wasn't an option. Things have been really hectic and they are about to get a lot worse in the next few weeks due to staff shortages and the begining of the holiday season. Just as I finished reasoning with myself that I have to stay in the office one of my staff walked in and told me he's going home because he has a bad headache. Aaaaargh.

It was the same last week. I woke up every single morning feeling tired and had to push myself out of bed. Every day I had to convince myself that I shouldn't take a "casual" day and instead go to the office, finish off the most urgent work, and then take the rest of the day off by coming home before noon. Instead each day turned out to be busier than the day before. I never got home before 3.

Looks like the earliest I'm gonna be able to afford a day off is mid June.


Mystique said...

i know !! i have been tired since Feb and everyday i say ok won't go to work tommorrow will rest.. but i always end up going.. i guess i feel too guilty and there is alot of work to do these days.. oh well.. will be leaving in july.. and i keep repeating it to myself to keep me going..

Mansur said...

believe me, if you were in my shoes, you would be thankfl you can get to come home before noon. I wake up at 530, leave hom eby 630, catch the bus from shj to dxb, spend 1.5 hours cramped up in the bus. my work starts at 8am, i have 30 mins lunch break and I get off by 8, by then, I get the bus at 9 and come by 945-10pm..and then its all over again the next morning...i am not complaining because i love my job!


Shil said...

muscati, check out the filters in your AC unit. You probably have some dust or stuff in that that makes you get the headache later on. This happened to us for a month, until we realised something was wrong with the AC. Split ACs specially cause these headaches. Unless of course, you are really run down with work.

M-Pac said...

One of the reasons could be the HOT weather.

OceanDream said...

We had a meeting with our new DG today and all I could think of was Mux, Faisal and myself in Thailand.


Lym said...

I hope you get better; salamat :)

Arabian Princess said...

You are telling my story too!! It has been that way for long already .. everyday I get up I am saying today I am not completing the day, but then sometimes I had to stay until 10 pm :(

yallah inshallah its over soon, I know I wont feel releived until mid of june inshallah too :) said...

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