Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I think I must have at least half a dozen incomplete blog posts since the last time I posted on this blog. I just can't get my mind around anything blog-wise so I'm just gonna lay them all out here.

Where do we begin...

1. The Wave didn't manage to sell all their properties in their first offering. Can't be a good sign. My name never came in the draw not even in the reserve list but I got a call from them asking me if I want to come have a look at one of the available properties. They sent an email saying that they sold 90% of the offering, but a friend told me last night that 79 properties remain unsold. That's more like 30 or 40%. Looks like the highest demand was for the most expensive villas and the cheaper ones weren't much in demand. I dunno if Waterfront Developments is going to change any of their plans because of this.

2. I hate it when bloggers quit.

3. Basma Al-Kiyumi's article article on Women in Oman (Arabic) for Al Quds Al Arabi newspaper has caused quite a stir over the past two weeks. While I think Basma's views are a bit extreme and over emotional in some parts she does have a point for the most part. However, my agreeing with her won't take her and Oman's women neither here nor there unless the majority of them actually want more rights and fight for them. Unfortunately from what I read most of the female bloggers are defending their status in Oman instead of agreeing with Basma. The empowerment of women begins with their own realization that they have the power to make a change.

4. Dogs on the beach (no, not the name of an unplanned sequel to Samuel L Jackson's upcoming masterpiece, Snakes on a Plane). This issue is really hotting up especially in the letters page of The Week. A certain blogger who recently announced an exit from the blogosphere first brought this topic up a couple months ago but the specific blog that was started about dogs on the beach has mysteriously disappeared. It's a touchy topic. I totally understand why people wouldn't want dogs on the beach, especially unleashed. But then again if I had a dog (which will never happen) I would probably want to take it with me to the beach. The thing that's surprising me the most about this issue is that the local law very clearly prohibits dogs on the beach and there are signs clearly saying that at all beaches. And yet the expats (and one particular one actually who's apparently in the center of this controversy) have been very vocal about opposing this law. People are really passionate about their pets, I suppose. I wouldn't know, I've never had one.

5. I just can't get the DP World controversy out of my mind. It just keeps pissing me off everytime it comes up again in the news. If the Dubai government had balls they would have immediately cancelled one of their mega Boeing orders to make a point to the US. Unfortunately they danced all around the issue and tried to make it look as if they are ok with it.

6. I'm finally back to reading after a six month break away from books. I picked up The Shadow of the Wind right where I had put it down back in September and slowly managed my way through it. Despite all the praise and high recommendations, I found it a bit of a tedious read. Way too many flashbacks and character recollections that sometimes go on for 20 or 30 pages at a time. Didn't hate it, didn't care like it that much either.

If you want to see regular folks losing their manners and turning into total assholes just go to the nearest hypermarket (preferably Carrefour or Lulu) on a Friday afternoon. People who are probably well mannered and considerate on all other days of the week turn into greedy animals with absolutely no consideration for anyone but themselves. It's like a destruction derby in there. The only way around it is to turn into an asshole yourself. And guess what, it works.

8. Music: They say that Kate Bush can sing listings from the phone book and make it sound good. Not entirely true, as evidenced by disc one of her double album, Aerial - her first album in 13 years! But disc two, entitled: A Sea of Honey, is absolutely sublime.

Got Prince's new album 3121 last night and after listening to 3/4 of it in the car today I can safely say that he's finally got the funk back. It's no Sign O' The Times caliber masterpiece but for us poor fans who have been making do or just plain giving up on his work in the past decade, this is definitely some of the best stuff coming from him in close to ten years.

Arctic Monkeys - Usually whenever the British music press hypes up a new band as the next big thing I end up dissappointed. Not these guys.

James Blunt - sorry, despite the good singles the album just didn't jibe with me.

9. Munich. Finally got to see this movie today and saw for myself what all the controversy is about. Good movie. Very well made. And oh so very pro-Israeli. At one point when the main character's wife told him that she loves him I expected him to reply "I love Israel more". The scenes that supposedly humanize the Arab terrorists are so short and yet somehow they were enough to make zionists hate the movie and worse make Arabs rally around it as if Spielberg had made a pro-Arab movie. How much more pathetic can we get as a people?

10. I bought a new laptop last week. It's an HP Pavilion with 15.4" widescreen, 2.0 GHz Centrino, 2GB RAM, 100GB HD, ATI 128MB graphics.. In short, it's hot shit. And yet here I am blogging from my old laptop because with the weak signal from our home WiFi network in my room this old laptop picks up the signal and sticks with it while the new laptop and searches and searches and when it finally logs it barely stays logged on more than a few minutes before it loses it again. Also, I still haven't gotten around to moving all my files to the new laptop, especially my mp3s and my iPod playlists. I got this program called PodUtil that was highly recommended by iLounge. I tried to copy direct from my iPod more than 5 times and it never once got all the files. The most successful try I got 7000 out of my 7450 songs and none of the playlists was complete. Sucks when technology doesn't come through for you.


Mystique said...

god pls don't remind me about the lulu's like that every evening btw not only on fridays !!

M-Pac said...

Congrats on ur laptop purchase! I see you upgraded the RAM, like I did.

That means we have the same laptop. ABout the WiFi issue, I'm having the same problem. Even though the wireless router is in my room, the connection is rather bumpy. I believe the issue is with the Intel WiFi adapter.

One thing that I tried that helped but didn't solve the problem as to update the drivers for the WiFi adapter at

Kay said...

-I think most people that defended the status of Omani women in Oman and disagreeing with Basma's article, did it cause they were offended by it nothing more. I'm sure most of them agree on some level and relate but dont like to hear it or read about it. Nobody likes to have their negative side pointed out. Some people prefer to live in lala land where everything is all pink and dandy.

I strongly disagree with them. I'm all for women's right. And I think its disgusting and pathetic to be content and proud of the comparison that Omani women are in a much better (or slightly better) state then other Arab women. That isnt enough.

- Mabrook on the new laptop. I've been meaning to get a new one as well. I currently have a Compaq and i need an upgrade. Where'd you get yours from?

muscati said...

M-Pac - I did upgrade the driver today but I still don't know if it made a difference. Won't find out till later on tonight when all the doors between my room and the room that the access point is in are closed. My Toshiba laptop which is two and a half years old can latch on to even the weakest signal and stay connected to it.

Kay - I bought the laptop from Intisar Corp at Al Wadi Center. They had to order it for me from Dubai they didn't have it in stock. They're quite good. It took 4 days to get the additional RAM but they only made me pay the difference on that. I recommend them if you're looking for a laptop. Not sure just yet whether I recommend anyone to buy an HP or Compaq laptop though. The Toshiba was totally problem free for two years but Toshibas are much more expensive than HPs. I guess price does make a difference.

Mindazi said...

If you have the Linksys WAG54G or similar router, go into advanced settings and set the beacon interval to 50ms. Also, you can try lowering the data rate from 54mbps. If that doesn't work, put it in B-only mode.You can also try upgrading the firmware (if it is a WAG54G, which is the most popular wireless gateway in Oman) at

Chulupu said...


What is the brand name of your signal detector?.

I had the same issue, until I baught the US Robotic Signal detector. ITs makes a lot of difference. The dont have it here in Muscat, I baught it in Al-Ain.

Where the Belkin on gives let say 30% signal strength, with Robotic I got 80% signal strenth

PizzaQueen said...

The day I read a positive comment from you on something or someone, will call a shrink to check you lol

muscati said...

Mindazi - It's a Belkin 54G router. I will try to change the settings but it's not really accessible to me.

Chulupu - Signal detector? Sorry I didn't understand what you were refering to.

muscati said...

Pizzaqueen - ??

Chulupu said...


The signal is not much effected with the wireless router, mostly all the brand would produce the same signal strength.

What matters is the receiver. I used to use the PCIMCA wireless receiver BELKIN brand, on my laptop and it sucks, it always indicated that I had very weak signal. So I bought US ROBOTICS wireless receiver connects via USB and man its the best, I been getting very good signal all over my apartments.

muscati said...

Chulupo- I don't find that to be an accepatble solution. The laptop itself has built-in WiFi so why should I go and add a WiFi card to it? I'll get someone to look at our WiFi network and see how to improve it instead so that I get a better signal.

Chulupu said...


I hope it works out for you. But also dont be dissapointed if it doesnt. Dont make a mistake and go and buy another router, because according to my experience thats aint the problem, as long you set the areas parallel to each other.

Like any receiver, the surface area needs to be visibile and wide enough to detect those signals. A built in one, well its a built in one, and unless the strength of the signals is very high, the like of the WIFI in cafe etc, than I am afraid you may end up needing an external one for your house where a custome router is set

And as I said, its not a CARD. Its USB connected one. So you can plug it and unplug it anytime you want

Mansur said...

Hey you guys,

I felt like as if point number 2 was directed at me...maybe I am wrong but I could sense this vibe that you were referring to me. I am back online, and honestly, I needed to be away from blogging for a while! So, yes, I am back online....

Also, James Blunt....what can I say! He has just affected me like NO OTHER artist has in anyway...all the others are pale in comparison to Blunt, but then again, Blunt's words spoke to me like it may not to others, so maybe, just maybe, one day you might like his songs...

PS I apologize for accidentally removing your blog link from my blog was a complete mistake and I was thinking about Muscati last night and realized you guys were not my list...well, I added you back again with much pleasure!

muscati said...

Hey mansur, long time no see. Honestly, point no. 2 wasn't a reference to you. I got no problem with people going away from their blogs for a while. I been doing it alot myself lately as work has been keeping me very busy. It's just lately a couple bloggers who i read regularly suddenly announced that they're quitting. I don't understand why quit instead of just taking your time.

3omani said...

Hi, that link to Al Quds Al Arabi was broken. Would you know the right link?

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