Friday, April 21, 2006

Rip Off

I saw an ad for this phone in one of the Dubai newspapers a couple weeks ago and I liked it. Looks like a nice basic clamshell phone. Nothing fancy, but perfect for me to use at work where I don't need anything like a megapixel camera. I went to the shop I usually buy phones from and they said they don't sell the lower-end Sony Ericsson because there's no market for them. I went to a couple other shops and they didn't have it either. I finally went to Bahwan Electronics who are the agents and they shocked me by quoting a price of 95 rials. I scratched the idea from my mind and never bought it. Yesterday I was going through Gulf News and saw an ad from Jumbo Electronics. They're selling it for 645 dirhams. Unbelievable, the Omani dealer is trying to get away with a profit margin of 30 rials on a phone. No wonder there's no market for low-end SE phones in Oman when the agent's acting like that. They're basically giving the market away to Nokia.


Blue Chi said...

Sometimes I find it crazy how expensive stuff are to the UAE. I just don't understand why.

M-Pac said...

My cousin got the same phone from Carrefour for 60-65 R.O. It came with a free bluetooth headset as well!

illogicist said...

My question is, if you have a top phone already, why would you need a lower end phone as well? This one doesnt look any less bulky than other, better phones I've seen.

muscati said...

Illogicist- because at work I carry two phones, my personal phone and another one which has my work number. At work I don't need anything fancy in my phone, all I need is to make and receive calls and SMSs. The fancier phones these days are bulky and heavy. I want something light and easy to use. Currently, I use a Nokia 6020 for work and it's an excellent phone. I've always wanted a clamshell phone and Nokia has never made a good one. I saw this Ericsson and I thought it might be the one for me.

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