Saturday, April 15, 2006

Nothing in Life is Free

Blast from the Past:

Three years ago, as the Muscatis were getting off the plane on the first stop of their honeymoon retreat, the flight attendant comes over with a cake wrapped in a box and says:" Congratulations on your marriage from all of us!"

Awwww, I say! How sweet! Now that's customer service for you! Muscati just smiles. When we get the hotel, we open the box and look at the cake and say we'll have some later. We never do, and end up throwing it out.

Back to the future:

I was at a travel agency recently for something. It was crowded. Long cue. Four people ahead of me. When there was only one person left, I moved ahead and sat on the chair behind him. It was someone who was working on a honeymoon package for him and his future bride. He asked for some changes. They said they need 10-15 minutes. He said he would come back later and left. The travle agent asked me to hold on for a bit. Made a call. Asked them how much it would cost to make the changes the man had asked for. Before hanging up he said: I should add RO. 5 for the cost of the cake onto this, right? Aha. Nods head. Hangs up. Smiles at me and says: "How may I help you?"

I stare at him speechless.

I wish we had eaten our cake.


Kay said...

Was it the same travel agency?

OceanDream said...


Devilish said...

Ooops ! thats depressing !
I'll try to remember that if I ever booked for a honeymoon !

illogicist said...

Thats quite tragic...I guess if you think about it, it makes sense that they would do that - as you said, nothing in life is free...but it would be nice if they did it out of niceness.

Well, I guess think of it this way, it does add a little something to the honeymoon experience. It may not cost them anything in terms of money, but its nice of them to think of it nonetheless!

mirage said...

oh, that is so funny. No really when you past the "what the..." factor you have to laugh. i guess at least they make the effort.

anonymous said...

Oh god you suck!

Lym said...

Hahaha. How can you guys NOT eat cake?
Thanks for the info, it would be helpful in the future ;)

OceanDream said...

Lym, this is off topic, but next time you are in Oman, go and order chocolate mousse cake from the Hyat's bakery. Pure heaven!

You know, even though our honeymoon cake wasn't really for free, it was still a nice touch. Little touches like that make a huge difference when you compare services. Finding flowers in you hotel room when you get there, or little treats when you come back to your room at night, etc.

I still remember looking forward to coming back to our room in the Ritz in Kuala Lumpur every night cause there was always a nice little treat: chocolates, tarts, and lots of yummy stuff.

Zak J. said...

At least they didn't bill for the smiles...yet...(or did they...)?

-hamsa- said...

This is a simple lesson of life ..nothing is for free :)

have you ever wondered about the so called prizes, and the free give a ways that the banks, shops,..etc...hand out freely to their dear customers?

well it's the same thing as the cake ...but at those times the bucks come out of the pockets of everyone!....

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