Sunday, March 26, 2006

Residential zoning, anyone?

When Mux and I decided it was time to buld a house, we couldn't at first make up our minds on the location. Idealistically, we wanted MQ, but that was waaaay over our budget. In the end, we decided on Boshar /Ghubra ( I don't know where one ends and the other begins). We were taken to see many plots but in the end we loved one particular area and decided to buy the plot on the spot.

We bought the plot last year, and are just starting to build now. So whats the problem you might ask. The problem is, from the time we bought the land to this day, I have lost count of the number of 2 or 3 story apartment buildings that have come up in the vicinity of our future house. They are awful! And they are everywhere.

I have nothing against apartment buildings in general. I do however have something against an apartment building sticking out between two regular houses. I also have a problem with opening my window and having my view obstructed with a miniature building. Why does the Ministry of Housing allow this? If this is a neighborhood for villas, it should remain for villas. If higher buildings are to be allowed, then perhaps they should be on the outskirts of the area or on the sides.I'm no landscape expert, but I know something that looks wrong when I see it. And this sure aint right.

Its the same thing when your neighbor decides to rent his villa to someone who wants to use it to house a tailor shop for example. The area infront/behind/ and next to your house turns into a parking lot for his/her customers. What happens next? Your neighbors on the other side decide that they would benefit as well from renting out their house to some other business. So what do you do? You either put up with all the new " added life" in your neighborhood, or you go with the flow and rent out your house as well and move elsewhere. Its like being run out of your home. There should be regulations for this as well.

I think there should be more stringent laws on whats allowed where.

I know that recently a law came out regarding my first complaint in this topic, but I can't remember the specifics (Mux can write about it in his reply :) ) But I remember I wasn't too happy with it.

When I think of all the money we are going to spend on our house, and then think of the two empty plots next to us, I have nightmares thinking of what might be built there...


TI3GIB said...

It is happening, but it's not exactly a problem. I mean let's face it, plots are leaping in prices in the "trade hotspots", and access to them is being obstructed alot by the rising traffic issue.

It's not a very good thing, but it's the only option for small-business soloutions right now. Going further and further from the city or to the "outskirts" as you called them limit public exposure to such business, leaving them with less income than they can if they .. You know

OceanDream said...

No, you misunderstood what I meant when I used the term "outskirts." When I used it, it was in reference to the small apartment buildings being built between the normal one or two story villas in residential areas. It was not in reference to small businesses. Thats another issue.

What I meant was, if say you have a large rectangle containing maybe 200 plots, then permissions for building small apartment buildings should be restricted to the plots on the sides only. They should not be built between villas. That does not look right, plus its not fair for a villa owner to have his house obstructed by such buildings.

Chulupu said...

Actually OD, if I am not mistaken, the area where your plot is (Bausher/Chubra), is notorious known for apartments like buildings.

But look at the bright side, if the two lands between your plots are not being built until the end of this year, than you can be sure that a standard residential house would be built.

The new law is only effective by the end of this year, so keep your fingers crossed

OceanDream said...

Did any of you see the announcement in today's papers regarding this issue? I saw the one in the Observer. It read:

" The Ministry of Housing, Electricity and Water is now scrapping former approvals for building residential flats (on residential plots of lands) at all different governorates and regions latest by October 31, 2007. The step is taken as per the Ministry's drive to enhance and organise residential plannings by defining usages of lands..."

I didn't quite grasp it though. Are all former permits cancelled? Or are people given a chance until the 31st of October, 2007 to build?

unJane said...

Zoning doesn't exist in Dubai, either and it's maddening. Anyone who's spent 30 minutes in simcity knows it is a key element in function and success. said...

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