Friday, February 03, 2006

Worker safety

Not a helmet in sight

I took the above picture four months ago. This building is currently under construction in the CBD area. The picture's not very clear because it was taken by my phone's camera, but you can clearly see that there are workers hanging on flimsy scaffolding outside the 6th floor level of the building. The scaffolding on the most part is just a steel skeleton with very narrow wooden planks for the workers to stand on. None of the workers are wearing any safety equipment. No hard hats. They're not even wearing work coveralls.

Yesterday around noon the scaffolding collapsed on one side of the building and a worker fell from around the fifth floor level. I'm not sure if the worker died but it's a nasty fall and most likely killed him.

Who's responsible for occupational safety and worker health in Oman? Is it the Ministry of Manpower? Whoever it is who's responsible why can't they make it mandatory for companies to look after the safety of their workers. Most of these companies know all about the safety requirements but don't enforce them unless they project is for a party that requires. For example PDO and most of the oil companies are very strict about HSE. Someone needs to take charge and make one standard for all.


Chulupu said...
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Chulupu said...

There is a saying in PDO. You are ultimately responsible of your own safety.

And if you managed to spot the hazards miles away mux, than I am sure the worker have spotted it as well and he should have said no to work there until the situation has been remedied.

But I guess he failed to do so, so I can only blame the worker for endagering himself and others as well

Arabian Princess said...

Chulupu, but when you are talking about a consutruction worker you are talking about somoene who is need, so work with safty or without safety he would take it. I agree the ministry should make some kind of law on construction companies.

TI3GIB said...

Shit happens ... we don't need laws to justify or restrain it

Just accept it

muscati said...

So going by your logic, Ti3gib, we should cancel all safety laws like mandatory seatbelts in cars for example. When people die in car accidents we'll just say "shit happens".

TI3GIB said...

my dear friend, you have comprehended my logic incorrectly ... Laws restrain you from personal choice, some people like my self would prefer to instantly die than to be held back by a seatbelt and spend the rest of my life sleeping in a bed blowing flys off my nose ..

and NO that doesn't not apply to every rule out there ...

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