Saturday, February 04, 2006

Speaking of shopping...

In case you're wondering what's the latest in our pathetic retail environment, here's the lowdown from BusinessToday magazine:

City Center is expanding from their present 44,000 square meters of retail space to between 69,000 and 74,000 square meters. Not exactly doubling the size like the rumors said, but a 60% increase nonetheless. Should be ready by the year's end.

Markaz Al Bahja is expanding its cinema from 2 screens at the moment to 5 screens within the next six months (I guess that's the area currently taken by the Bowling Alley which they shut down) which would make it the largest cineplex in Oman. God that's depressing.

Bahja's also negotiating with 2 new international brands to open anchor locations in the mall.

Sultan Center will be starting a Just Ask service like what they have in Kuwait.

And that's it. Nothing more's happening.


Samyah said...

Hey does anyone know what stores they're going to be putting in the extension of CityCenter?

Islander said...

the expansion of Al bahja cinema is not much of good news. almost every time u go there u come out with bad experince. they need better managment before they think of expansion. we were looking for a new cinema which would force al bahja to care more about costumers.

Zandol said...

Typical Lotia response ...shati plaza is a lot worse then bahja

Sowhat said...

yakhi those ppl very slow ... slooooooooooow .... look at the market .. customer base is expanding cant they NOTICE THAT !!!

-hamsa- said...

more and more business are closing down at albahjah..seems its jinxed...the only thing that is getting profit is it's cinema wonder they are thinking to open new halls..

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