Friday, February 03, 2006



Are you boycotting Danish products, or is the boycott being done for you by the supermarkets that have taken all Danish products off their shelves?

What's your view on other Danish companies that are operating in Oman and contributing to this country's economy- Are you boycotting them as well? I don't just mean Nawras which is partly owned by TDC (incidently recently bought by a US buyout fund and no longer Danish-owned), but also companies like Salalah Port Services- owner and operator of our pride and joy, Port of Salalah, which we brag about to the world being one of the most efficient ports in the world, which is 30% owned by Denmark's A.P. Moller.

Why are we reacting so passionately to the "Danish issue" so long after the fact? The offense took place in September 2005, and yet no one said mentioned the word boycott till late January 2006.

How can we hold a whole non-muslim nation accountable for the decision of one single newspaper? And why should the government in a country that values freedom of expression and free speech apologize for the newspaper especially when that country's law protects what the newspaper did?

Copenhagen has expressed regret for the furore over the cartoons, but refused to get involved, citing freedom of expression. “The government can in no way influence the media,” Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Sunday.

“And the Danish government and the Danish nation as such cannot be held responsible for what is published in independent media,” he added.

Does Denmark's free speech laws give blanket freedom of expression on all topics or are there some topics which are not covered as free speech? Do they have laws on hate speech? Would the law equally protect cartoons which are anti-semitic or articles that deny holocaust, gay bashing, etc?

I read that Denmark has 174,000 muslims, many of whom have been there for 30 to 40 years. Why didn't these muslims rise to the occasion and challenge the matter legally? Wouldn't it have been better to have dealt with this issue in a more civil manner like that? You have gunmen in Gaza storming the EU office and demanding an apology. They're threatening the safety of all Danes. What kind of image are we projecting- as if it wasn't bad enough before!

Are we not hypocritical to the whole free speech issue. After all our dissedents always run away to countries where their free speech is protected when their rights are curtailed at home. How do you choose what speech should remain free and what should be limited?

Don't you think the governments of the Islamic states are loving every single moment of this controversy? What's better than having their repressed citizens vent out their frustration not at their own governments but at a nation thousands of miles away. If you're a muslim in Indonesia don't you have much bigger problems in your life that you should by worrying about instead of wasting your time marching on the Danish embassy?


Mansur said...

my local spinneys and carrefour are not getting in danish products, so in a way the supermarket is boycotting for me.

I too agree with you about how the issue has been mishandled, and the danish muslims should have handled it legally there, instead of letting all the flag/ effigy burning, embassy closed down, recalling envoys from denmark, now boycotting.

The question is that major European papers reproduced the cartoons (in a cheap attempt to get more paper sales), so does that mean we boycott all European products?


AkaRound Peg said...

Links to 2 interesting posts on the same topic.

x~nezitiC said...

Mansur: carrefour is french, and a french newspaper did the same to us too! so boycott it too?!.

Muscati: Well, I think the Boycott is right thing to do, but it was in the wrong time, wrong place, slow reaction. It's like a body that got HIV then the body would react to it after it's spread all over. !

PizzaQueen said...

Is a good way not to think about how bad some other Muslims are
to feel less guilty
About Arab governments, i think they'll be surprised to see how much rage their people have, in case they missed

Nameless said...

Boycott was a major delayed reaction...

The behaviour of marching to the embassy, burning flags etc is a disgrace. I don't believe in such retaliation.

We either get on their good side and explain to them what we found offensive or... beat it. This back and forthness doesn't work for me especially the delayed reaction. Besides, speaking of boycotting, the supermarkets have done it - a cashier at alfair was pointing out what danish products are and that all Omanis are not buying any so they're getting rid of them too.

Nameless said...

Oh another thing, wasn't the Editor of that paper fired?

Mindazi said...

This boycott as well as "outrage" is f-ing ridiculous and stupid.

Mansur said...

So now I have to boycott Danish, Norwegian, French, Spanish and Italian products.


mortal thoughts said...

I read that Denmark has 174,000 muslims, many of whom have been there for 30 to 40 years. Why didn't these muslims rise to the occasion and challenge the matter legally?

They tried but the Danish supreme court rejected their petition stating "Muslims should learn to live with others opinion". The head of the courts refused to even admit the petition!

The issue took time because the Danish Queen and prime minister refused to intervene in this matter thereby causing the issue to snowball into what it is now. (please note their there always some blasphemic thing against us Mossies almost everyday around the world but it is handled by the authorities).

For all those saying that all the boycott is BS, I suggest you have a look at the caricature and also at the blog fellow Danish journos created to support that dim witted twit. Imagine is this was your father. The Prophet is more to us than anyone else except God. How can you expect people to be silent?

You are wrong when you say why should the whole country be punished for what a newspaper did. Then its the job of the citizens of that country to distinguish right from wrong and have that newpaper closed down because what they did was not freedom of speech but freedom of hatred and ignorance.
If they dont then they are a part of it just like we are all a part of the Muslim world.

Mindazi said...

Boo hoo

Guess what boy wonder, that's why they are called INFIDELS.

I am ashamed that so many people are being used like TOOLS in this distraction and acting like uncivilized, uneducated idiots.

Nameless said...

ما لا يدرك كله لا يترك كله

This is the response I get at work when I tried addressing some of the points Muscati raised. I've also been advised by others not to voice my thoughts (which are facts) because it's like talking to a wall. How sad is that.

Arabian Princess said...

well I dont know wether I with or aginst the boycott I find valid point in both though I lean more aginst the boycott.

The Prophet is highly Loved & respected by me, but I dont think the right thing to do is bomb and kill on his name! He was hit and insulted in Taif, did he decide to go and fight them? NO!

What I hate in all this is how much muslims are emotional .. I mean why the over reaction?
We should have dealt with the issue in a more mature way ..

at the same time, I think the newpaper has just crossed the line. I also think that the government should interfer. After all, the government is responsible of the economy of the country & its peace .. now what newspaper did was affect its economy and peace and all what the government have to say: we cant interfer!!

Nameless said...

When I wrote that TDC is no longer Danish owned.

The response I got:

ارجوا منك ان تاتي بالمصدر!!!
اذا كان الموقع نفسة يقول ان الشريك اوروبي، فكيف يكون الاروبي امريكي، هذه مغالطة واضحة، و لنفرض ان الشريك امريكي، اتوقع ان المقاطعة الامريكية ما زالت مستمرة و انها اقل ما يمكن تقديمة للشعب الافغاني و الفلسطيني و السوري و الايراني و العراقي المغتصب

Nameless said...

When I mentioned Salalah Port Services. This is the response I got:

ما اعرف اي شيء عن هذا الموضوع، و لكن هل هناك بديل؟؟؟ و هل التحكم في هذا البديل بيد الفئة الداعية الى المقاطعة؟؟؟ اتوقع لا، و اود ان اضيف ان اذا كان هناك بديل فالحل هو اللجو الى البديل و اذا لم يكن هناك بديل فلا حول و لا قوة الا بالله و هذا هو منطق المقاطعة

Arabian Princess said...

when there is "no badeel" you can get the danish product?!! Thats not muqata3a is about!! Muqat3a is either you buy, or either you dont! If the person you are talking to, break the news to him/her and tell them that they are not muqa63een :)

Nameless said...

I wish I could do something but 'walls' don't talk.

illogicist said...

Its sad to see violence and calls for death and flag burning and her in the UK glorification of the July 7th bombers. Thats all very, very wrong. A boycott is a personal choice, and while I'm not boycotting, I dont look down on anyone who is. Supermarkets, well, if Danish products do not sell, they have every right to remove them from the shelves, but otherwise they shouldn't be conducting the boycott for whoever is trying to boycott.

What really disturbs me is all the hate thats going on, within the community, between those that support a boycott and those that dont. Theres a lot of hate. There doesnt need to be.

Nameless said...


May you please provide me with some source that TDC was bought out by a group of US partners. Were they completely bought out or just a large percentage of TDC?

muscati said...

Nameless. From Feb 27 2006:

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., Blackstone Group, Apax Partners Worldwide LLP, Permira Advisers Ltd. and Providence Equity Partners Inc., completed the purchase of TDC for $15.3 billion including net debt two days ago.

From Feb 28, 2006:

Buying TDC, which was just purchased two days ago by a private equity consortium for $15.3 million, would let Etisalat obtain operating licences in a region where few are up for grabs.

muscati said...

The buyout firms formed a company called Nordic Telephone Co. which was the vehicle underwhich they bought TDC. They have a website:

Qatar Cat said...

As an infidel (thanks for the word, Mindazi!) I assure you all that should some dimwit out there decide to publish cartoons about my God, King or grandmother (wink at Mortal Thoughts) I wouldn't go bombing that dimwit's embassy in my country. Or demand his Queen's apology, no less. Nobody in their right mind in the West would do something like that.

And no, I don't think the newspaper should have been shut, either. And hey, our freedom of speech laws keep lots of Muslim falks in Europe from being thrown in jails at this very moment. Tell me, in which Muslim country could I stand under the Ruler's palace with a sign that says something like "Your country is a cancer, Christianity is the answer" without being deported (at best) on the spot??

Yes, the cartoons were idiotic. Were they worth the mess that's going on now? I doubt it. And before people boycott, they should count how many Muslims living in Europe will suffer because of this same boycott, and what will happen to the Middle Eastern and other Muslim countries should the West unite against them (and I can see it happening, after all the violence) and throw in a few boycotts of their own. Like cutting off the aid, for instance.

It's just so sad that an ignorant act of a small bunch of people on one side of the fence could cause so much viloence from the other side. Islam - religion of peace and tolerance??? And you really want the West to believe that?

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